Two for One Review: Natasha Denona Mini Sunset Palette & YSL The Shock Mascara

Thursday, March 29, 2018

I want you to know that last week I went into Sephora for ONE THING ok? ONE THING. But somehow $100 later I walked out with that one thing and a few OTHER things, including a gift with purchase. To try and rationalize that purchase as useful, here are a couple of reviews to hopefully help you prepare yourself - or gird your loins - before your next Sephora trip!

First up is the Natasha Denona Mini Sunset Palette. I'd heard a lot about the brand obviously, she'd burst onto the scene with her $200+ eyeshadow palettes, but at that price point I'd never considered them achievable. I'm a makeup lover and to me that price point implies makeup obsessive (which I'm not judging, I just put those dollars in skincare). Still, for $25 I figured it would be worth a try, especially in a palette that was actually small enough to travel with and be considered complete on its own.

After playing with it a few times, I think my overall review is that it's fine. The matte shadows are the best in the palette so far, super smooth and pigmented upon application (despite what the swatches would suggest). Sun Beam is a little too gritty and glittery for my taste, though when applied with a wet brush the payoff is pretty good for a day or night look. I think this palette is for those of us who love warm tones, are interested in the brand, and like the idea of a self-contained palette, even if it does require a little bit more work.

Now the mascara? I thought the mascara was going to be just another "eh" gift with purchase, but DAMN PEOPLE.

(Mascara on my right eye (your left), no mascara on my left (your right))

The Shock Volumizing Mascara has a hourglass wand that actually builds volume while separating the lashes, and the final effect of about 1.5 coats is impressive and equal to what I'd gotten before using two different mascaras entirely. I don't have any flaking or smudging issues, though I do think that some of that is the effect of my eyeshape, and I think I may have found my new holy grail.

To finish out this review I thought it would be nice to show you the cumulative effect of both products, the palette and the mascara. I was a bit too close to my window so the shadows are more blown out than I'd like, but I think you get the general idea of what I was going for. In the future I'd add either winged liner or really smudge out the lash line with a kohl pencil under the shadows themselves, but I wanted to showcase each without too much distractions.

So what do you think? Are you hankering to pick up the new ND mini palette? Sephora is really working the marketing right now, but is it landing with you? Let me know!

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