Geek of the Week #43

Friday, April 27, 2018

// We're starting out with a Nicole Warne love fest because she just got married and it. Was. LIT.
She had two articles for Vogue online detailing the wedding itself and her five couture outfits.

Photos by Shane Shepherd

// Plus she gave all sorts of details about her skincare routine to In The Gloss. Thus is my love affair with her wedding complete, because I've shared it with you all (just in case you weren't following her already).

// I was slated to attend Universal FanCon before it f*cking imploded, so this article at The Root is particularly close to my heart: It Be Your Own People: On Universal FanCon and the Perversion of Community

 // I don't usually make any cookie recipe that requires waiting 36 hrs, but I just may for this Chocolate Chip Cookie one from Kate Miss.

// Did you see that Sezane has named Nordstrom its first US retail partner? I took a look at the collection online and was a little sad to see none of their classic wrap tops, but I'd love to also see the in store set up.

// And also from BoF, it was pretty interesting to me to read about the rise of designer fashion in South Korea. I don't think I spend enough time reading about the how the masses relate to fashion and its expression in their everyday lives across the globe.

// I so enjoy when the internet comes together as a force of good, like for this LGBT+ bookstore in Michigan.

// Because Twitter.

"Someday I will tell you the story of the day I had today, and it will be the greatest twitter story I have ever told.


I feel like I should just have another beer and tell it now.

This story starts with my dog taking a shit on the bathroom floor, and ends with me cleaning out a meth house.

Hold up, I need a beer.

Okay. Let’s do this."

// And finally, let's keep personal safety in mind, because it's STD Awareness Month and apparently DC is among the STD capitals of the US. Yay.

Fun Posts & Random Finds: I can't vouch for it personally, but this alternate timeline regency Gay romance sounds fun. // I'm glad I'm not the only one who understood that the Constantine movie was good as long as you took it out of context from the actually series it was based on. Small details. // My love for Tamora Pierce knows no bounds so I'm all about this list of books people might also enjoy if they like her, but I do think that Mercedes Lackey series they mention needs a warning about sexual violence've been warned. // Chanel Files Ugly Suit Against What Goes Around Comes Around, Citing Fakes  // StudioDIY spilled ALL the details on her colorful rug buying habit. //

Clothing & Jewelry: I can't remember if I mentioned these cute handmade sandals before, so I'm just going to link them again to be safe.  //  Ditto for this straw bag. //World Market continues to be a shockingly great source for clothing and accessories, which is why I have to point out this adorable off the shoulder embroidered dress, this convertible coral and pink maxi dress, this blue and white striped dress, AND this white kimono, which is a perfect beach coverup. // All the made to order shoes and accessories from this Etsy shop are DIVINE. //

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