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Friday, April 20, 2018

So far this year my "every other month no buy" has been going pretty well. I would like to chock this up to my own levels of personal fortitude, but I think it more has to do with the fact I am less enamored with the pieces that have come out so far and that the ones I do end up looking are way above any price point I consider reasonable. Maybe it's because we were relatively early on in the season, but I had started to despair of finding anything I actually wanted to buy/fit well enough to keep.

It's hard out to here for a person who likes to shop (not buy really, but shop).

Still, the reality is that there are very few things I actually *need* in my closet, so I've continued to browse just to keep my finger on the pulse. If that leads to me adding an item or two to my Shoptagr lists for future consideration well... I think that's just me acknowledging that I'm sometimes a fickle and forgetful human being, lol. And now I can share all this stuff with you, so hey - not a total waste of time!

I've added little notes underneath items I have any experience with personally, but if you have more questions let me know!
Under $50 (ish)
  Seychelles Gallivant Sandal ($36) 
(LOVE THESE. I've bought them in multiple colors for years and have never regretted a one.)
Miss Selfridges Stripe Linen Maxi Dress ($51)
Xinh & Co Xinh Tote ($45)
Target Lina Slide Sandals ($15.99) 

(Also bought these last year, and they've been surprisingly durable for a sandal I don't treat with kid gloves.)

Under $100
 Express Off the Shoulder Maxi ($79.90)
(I've tried this on and it's shockingly beautiful in person, plus true to size)
NY&Co Striped Linen Maxi Skirt ($59.95)
(Also tried this on, it's see through, but lovely.)
Mango Short Buttoned Dress ($79.99, Plus Size)
Sam Edelman Bay Sandal ($80)
(Did you need an Hermes sandal dupe in your life? These are my favorite.)

Under $150
(Purchased this in a 12 and it's been surprisingly comfy/versatile.)
(Also purchased these, in a Size 9, as the Isabel Marant sandal I would never let myself buy. Generally true to size but I'm going to have to break in the leather slightly, plus these sandals come with no tread so I had to take them to a cobbler so I wouldn't die.)
Mango Basket Bag ($149.99)

Over $150  
(I don't have the budget for any of these/the sizing is wack, but I think they're pretty.)
 Faithfull Polka Dot Midi Dress ($208)

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