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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

I ended up buying this sweater over the summer, during Locher's 30% off sale, and let me tell y'all - it was worth every penny. I might not get to wear it as often as I'd like (this is definitely not appropriate for even my office's casual standards) but it makes me so freaking happy.

Also, as much as I'd love to claim complete inspiration for this look, have you ever watched the seasonal styling videos from Allegra Shaw? She and I have completely different body types, and I do think some of the looks she puts together wouldn't work for me, but it's been really great for my brain to watch her work. She's clearly a fantastic stylist, who puts in an incredible amount of effort into making these videos, and she's got me thinking. Despite the mammoth-sounding task, I think I'd like to spend some time looking at specific pieces in my wardrobe and styling them differently. I think it'll just make me feel more deliberate/intentional in how I'm presenting myself, which will result in a happier me.

Sweatshirt: Locher's* (Size Large, Old, But There Are So Many More!) ~ Shirt: Banana Republic (Size Large, Old) ~ Jeans: J.Crew (Size 32) ~ Boots: Miss KG (Size 39, Old) ~ Belt: Free People (old) ~ Purse: Aldo (Old) ~ Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (old) ~ Earrings: World Market (old) ~ Watch: Ebay (Similar)

*Fit Tip: The size large fits, but it's a bit more snug in the bust than I had anticipated (though duh, that makes total sense when you consider that the embroidery would ensure the front doesn't stretch as much).  I think what size you order should depend on how fitted or loose you'd like to style the sweatshirt.

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