maybes and yeses

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

It's an interesting conundrum, that whole fashion thing. One of my wishlist items in 2018 was a teddy bear coat, and after much hemming and hawing (and trying and failing), this Zara bomber came out on top. I loved the collar, fit, color, etc., but almost from the get go I haven't felt as awesome wearing it as I would have liked.  Chatting with a friend who also bought it, I think we're both suffering a bit from feeling too over-the-top for DC. I don't mind sticking out a little, but feeling totally out of place? Not nearly as fun. I'm determined to wear this coat enough to be able to make a reasonable decision about whether it deserves a place in my closet or not though, so here's to one outfit and hopefully many more to come.

Coat: Zara (Size Large) ~ Top: Madewell (Size XL) ~ Jeans: Madewell (Size 31, Old, 10" High Rise) ~ Boots: Ugg (Size 9) ~ Necklaces: Missoma (One and Two) ~ Sunglasses: LOFT (Old)

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