Paris Haul Part II: Clothing

Monday, February 11, 2019

It became quite clear to me, while I was trying to take not-shitty clothing haul pictures, that not only do I need some sort of light reflector, I think a better background might be in order too. I'm just not currently set up for that sort of thing, so I apologize if these aren't up to my usual standards. What I *am* happy to say is that I found many more of the items on line than I had initially thought I would, so while my flatlays could use some work, if you click through to the website you'll get a much better idea.

I had actually gone to Paris with an idea of I wanted to buy, and I tried on a selection of blazers when I saw a good pattern, and combed through a few racks of scarves. But in the end I found success in neither of those areas, instead buying pieces that were comfortable. Stylish (for the most part), but comfortable (the loungewear set may never be seen outside my home though). I also 100% went over budget, so.. shrug. Not proud of it, but it is what it is, and I'm excited about all the ways in which these new pieces will shine in my wardrobe (through multiple seasons).

Oh, and one last thing. You'll notice that quite a few of the items I bought were either O/S (one size) or XS/S, and my body is most assuredly not either of those sizes. Shopping off and on at brands like The Frankie Shop has taught me more about how useless brand size delineations are than ever before. While it makes it almost impossible to shop online, I'm kind of at the place where I'll hold up a garment and make a judgement call from that, rather than strictly adhering to a size. I'm still riding that inbetweenie line, but the current style to make so many pieces SUPER oversized has definitely benefited me.

C&A Yessica Loungewear Set (Top - Size: Large, Bottoms - Size: Eur 42)

The Frankie Shop Believe Crew Neck Sweater (Size: O/S, Similar)

American Vintage Cropped Sweatshirt (Size: XS/S, Similar Style in Beige)

American Vintage Wool Button Down Shirt (Size: XS/S, Same in Grey)

American Vintage Cotton/Wool Button Down Tunic (Size: XS/S, Same in Green)

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