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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

In case you're as obsessive about my wardrobe as I am (doubtful), you may have noticed a distinct lack of skirts on the blog over the last year or two. Slowly but surely I got rid of almost every one I owned, with the most simple of reasons - I just didn't want to wear them anymore. It took a lot of online mental convincing to even get me to the point of trying any on this season, but Reformation got me over the finish line.

I got exclamations of shock from some of the associates when I said this in store, but I do actually find Reformation to fit true to size. It might not fit well, and it might not look great, but it does fit, and so I wasn't totally shocked that the size 12 did here. What did shock me was how well it flowed over the parts of myself I'm most self-conscious about, and how fun the bright green was. I considered the investment in one skirt I truly loved worth it, though after wearing it a couple times in real life I've also decided that for my own comfort I'm going to be sewing down the slit an inch or two hahaha.

And in an effort to be totally transparent, this lovely cross-body bag did a number on the weave of the skirt, causing some picks over my hip that did destroy my life a little. BUT. I am buying clothes to wear and you know what happens? Picks, runs, stains, LIFE. I refuse to invest in a skirt that makes me happy and never wear it because I'm scared of messing it up. I'm woosahing about the whole thing, because if you don't wear your favorite pieces, what's the point?

Shirt: Vince (Size Large, Old, Similar (& On Sale!)) ~ Skirt: Reformation (Size 12) ~ Bag: Anthropologie (Old, Similar) ~ Necklaces: Missoma (One and Two) ~ Sandals: Bionica (Size 9, Old, Similar in Black) ~ Earrings: World Market (old) ~ Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

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