Spring 2019 Wardrop Recap

Friday, June 28, 2019

Welcome to my Spring 2019 wardrobe recap post!  I have to say that loosening the reigns a bit on what "counted" had the exact effect I wanted - I didn't go hog wild when it comes to new additions, but I stopped feeling bad about the project as a whole. The current set up, separating out basics/thrifted items, just feels logical while also not "punishing" or "depriving" me of the opportunity to buy something new if it came along due to the things I "had" to buy (I realize that's a lot of quotation marks for one sentence, but stick with me).

I find myself getting more and more deliberate as a whole while also finding joy in the unexpected finds. I don't have a true wish list, but I tend to zero in on an item or style inspiration and try to find all the options in my size/price point to try on before making a final decision. I was chatting with a friend over the weekend about the fact that I don't think I do a good job demonstrating just how much I try on. I enjoy shopping - it's part of the reason being more methodical and measured is difficult - but even when I want something new, I will never give up on fit/price/place in my wardrobe. And being that picky means that a LOT of things don't work, but my general motto will always be you never know until you try. I've purchased seemingly ridiculous sounding things that make me feel and look great, but if I had based those decisions on how the pieces were modeled then they would have never happened. Hell, if I based those decisions on how an item of clothing looked on the hanger I wouldn't have made the same decisions. Take that Vince dress (which, I just want to throw in there, I got for under $100 in Neiman Marcus when it was still going for full price everywhere else), I looked at it on the hanger and felt blah about the print and the color. But on? On it made me feel AMAZING. Like I wanted to take headshots and pretend I wrote a book amazing, and in my opinion a dress like that, that you can also where to work and for fun, is worth every penny.

Oh, and one last random opinion just because it's my blog and I can: Girlfriend Collection > Outdoor Voices. The OV aesthetic might be more diverse in terms of design, but the fit just isn't as good. At a pretty comparable price point, I'm going to be heading back to GC (or finally try Beyond Yoga)  when I'm ready for another set.

Spring 2019 Purchases
1. Sports Bra (Outdoor Voices)
2. Leggings (Outdoor Voices)
3. Khaki Jumpsuit (Abercrombie)
4. Denim Midi Dress (Abercrombie)
5. Polka Dotted Midi Skirt (Reformation)
6. Tiered Eyelet Dress (Urban Outfitters)
7. Slim Wide Leg Jeans (Madewell)
8. Double Breasted Blazer (Abercrombie)
9. Mustard Ribbed Tank (H&M)
10. White Ribbed Tank (H&M)
11. Constellation Print Midi Dress (Vince)

1. Leopard Print Slip Dress (Buffalo Exchange)
2-3. Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirts (H&M)
4. Levi 550s (Goodwill)
5-6. Workout Tanks (T.J. Maxx)

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