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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Yes I am that b*tch, the one who went to see the sunflowers at the height of the season and I have NO REGRETS.

(Except for the heat, humidity, flat hair, BUGS, weird allergic reaction, etc.) 

Honestly I'm just glad to have friends who put up with my shenanigans, because this was not a woman one job. But with their help I'm able to share one of the most ridiculous purchases I've made in recent memory, aka a linen romper with a super deep v-neckline.

Do I wear rompers? No. Do I wear super low plunge necklines with a lot of leg? No. Did Free People force my hand and find the one piece to make me break those rules? YES. Will I wear this enough to be worth the sale price + alterations final cost? Questionable....

Romper: Free People (Size Large, Old, Also Cute: One, Two) ~ Sandals: Target (Size 9, Old) ~ Necklaces: Missoma (One and Two) ~ Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (Old)

Pictures by Seen in Passing and DJ MiGGl

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