Guerlain Summer 2019 Terracotta Collection: Review and Swatches

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Post-BlerDCon I figure we could all use a little time to breathe, so despite the fact that I think no one likes these posts but me (sorry! Love you!) let's take a look at another unnecessary makeup purchase from a few months ago.

Guerlain Summer 2019 Terracotta Collection: Highlighting Stick in Bronze ($47), Loose Powder in 02 Medium ($56)

Sometimes I feel like Guerlain and I are meant to be, and sometimes like we're bitter enemies (*cough* foundation *cough*). Thankfully their summer collection is part of the former, and are some of my favorite formulations I've ever picked up from the brand ever. Just a heads up though, these are scented (as most/all Guerlain products are), but to me the Terracotta collection smells like honeysuckle. It's a lovely scent and since I primarily use the powder for touch-ups it's not overwhelming, but your mileage may vary.

The Touch Loose Powder is housed in a surprisingly hefty cylindrical container, with a screw on puff lid. I haven't tried washing it yet, but the dream is there. I picked shade Medium because Charlotte Tilbury taught me that throughout the middle of my face, where I'm naturally a bit lighter anyway, it's better to go lighter in tone even with a sheer powder.

When applied the applicator releases just enough powder to mattify and add a touch of coverage, which is great for mid-day touchups. Plus I don't have to work so hard as when I tried the Chantecaille loose powder alternative, and can actually tell that there has been powder applied to my face (not in a super "powdery" way, but in that it's "actually doing something" kind of way). Plus, as Michele Wang mentioned, you can easily take the top off and use this like any other loose powder! Totally up to you.

Next up was a purchase I tried not to make because who actually needs another cream highlighter?  But it was SO PRETTY that my I ultimately shut my eyes and shoved my card at the very nice associate because it was too good to pass up. Of course I'm talking about the Highlighting Stick in Bronze.

I think this is one of those moments where the swatches really don't do justice to the  product - on the skin this is SO impressive and...shiny? Bright? Wet? All of the above? It's not glittery at all and on me it's pretty close to the actual color of my skin,  but it's incredibly reflective in the best way possible. I've applied it over bare skin, foundation, tapped over powder - you name it and the end result is awesome. Plus it's one of those products I manage to still see at the end of even a hot summer day in DC, and even looks lovely applied on the eyes as a cream shadow. Did I want to buy three more colors? YES. Did I? No, because I'm trying to be reasonable. I'm actually getting through skincare products at the moment, and I'd like makeup to follow suit.

Did you pick up anything from the Guerlain Terracotta collection? Did it break your heart, dreams, bank account?

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