2020 Wardrobe Resolutions

Monday, January 13, 2020

I consider the fact that January isn't over yet to mean I'm not late, so please excuse me while I ramble.

2020 entered with a ROUGH LANDING, and so many terrible things happened globally that even personal happiness was hard to remember. I'm going to take a crack at it, but forgive me if I'm not coming across like, super bubbly.

In 2019 I finally finished paying off my debt. Student loans, credit cards, all of it. I am incredibly privileged that I could put things like my tax return and work bonuses towards the balances, and that my credit score was good enough to qualify for a zero interest balance transfer that helped a ton. I don't want to seem like I'm bragging but I'm proud of doing this, and I'd like to kind of consider it a fresh start.

I know I have the ability to stay debt free. It'll involve a change in mindset that I'm already working on, but it's possible. People do it - not always and not easily, but they can, and I want to try too. So after thinking about what kind of wardrobe resolution I wanted to make, if any, I decided to borrow from the ever thoughtful (and fashionable) Mademoiselle and pick a word.

My word for 2020 is Intention(al).

I strongly considered inserting a gif of applause here, but ultimately decided I was already being lame enough with this graphic.

But what does picking a word for the year mean Dana? It means that instead of numbers and challenges and shit that I don't appear very good at, I'm going to work harder at forcing myself to answer the questions of want vs need, joy vs settling, and space. I don't have a singular style that I stick to - just like everyone else I'm inspired by the media I consume and from time to time I run up against the reality of what they look like and what I look like. I'd like to spend more time with my wardrobe and hopefully document why I love, and how I find versatile, the pieces I already own.

Am I guaranteed to continue buying yet more exercise gear and athleisure stuff? Absolutely cause I'm not perfect, but all I can do is try and I think if I really face what I own then it should hopefully cut down on the need for more (maybe). I'm going to prioritize purging each season so that I don't hang on to pieces that no longer serve their purpose, and if they don't go on Poshmark or Depop then you know what? I will take my ass over to Goodwill. I already starting doing a "mini capsule" by rotating items out seasonally, which I think helped a lot with my ability to actually see everything clearly. I don't think I'm brave enough for wardrobe wear counts (or too lazy), but we'll see. I'm going to continue tracking my purchases seasonally, because I do want to get the ethical/thrifted percentage up into the double digits percentage wise, but I'm not going to hold myself to a hard number.

(Which could be a terrible mistake, who knows. I could hate this idea and put myself back within that structure in 6 months. )

But hey, it's a plan right? Stay debt free, buy with intention and joy, and wear what I have, while getting rid of what I don't.

Should be easy.

Ha ha. Ha. Ha.
Tea Gal said...

Love your word. I feel like Intention is the word for 2020.
Also, don't take it to Goodwill. There are a ton of better charities where your donations actually mean something and people don't profit off of it.

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