Cold Weather Problems

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

1) It's too cold to wear half of the outfits I want to, kinda like this one. I feel cool and awesome and almost froze to death taking these photos.

2) Even though it's progressively getting lighter in the afternoon/evenings, as far as pictures go the lack of ambient light is shit. Especially because upping the ISO levels as I did below, result in fuzzy pictures  (which I kind of knew it would but I was hoping I was wrong.

Maybe we should collectively decide I'm going for a "vintage" aesthetic? That could work. In fact, screw it, I put these in A Color Story and now they're *deliberately* retro. I'm fashion forward, that's right, and not a procrastinator.

Jacket: Ralph Lauren (Size 12, Old, Similar (Maybe the same?)) ~ Undershirt: Uniqlo (Size M) ~ Sweater: Vintage (Size Larger, Poshmark) ~ Pants: Uniqlo (Size 14, Old, Similar) ~ Belt: Free People (Old, Similar) ~ Boots: Free People (Size 9.5) ~ Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (Old) ~ Scarf: The Limited (Old) ~ Purse: Aldo (Old)

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