2019 - 2020 Annual Wardobe Round Up

Tuesday, December 22, 2020


2020 huh? Hell of a year. And as I told a friend on Facebook, I'm not sure I held tight to my goals during my desperate attempt to survive it with my sanity intact. Way back at the beginning of January I had said my word for the year was Intentional. I wanted to get more intentional about my purchases, my closet, and the things I spent money on, in an attempt to mitigate clutter in my own life while also (maybe) doing a small part to help reduce my environmental footprint.  But you know what the world got instead? A freaking GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Fun times.

But not, so so not.

I was not one of those bloggers that created quarantine content. I could not find myself in my hobbies and instead I'm going to close out 2020 having read the least amount of books I have in years, not watched shows I started and enjoyed (*cough* Picard *cough*) or movies, and definitely bought more individual pieces of clothing than I intended. Retail therapy is a hell of a drug and while I'm a little ashamed to show you what I bought this year, it's also the project I set out for myself so f*ck it.


1. White Linen Dress (Reformation)*
2. Linen Pants (Reformation)*
3. Rain Jacket (Uniqlo)
4. Jumpsuit (Free People)
5. Leggings (Target)
6. Sparkling Jumpsuit (BHLDN)
7. White Turtleneck (Anthropologie)
8.  Kick Flare Jeans (Good American)
9. Faux Leather Jack/Blazer (Nanushka)
10. Black Silk Dress (Jaga)*
11. Shirt Dress (H&M)
12. Angel Dress (Hester Sunshine)*
13. Black Blazer (Ralph Lauren via Buffalo Exchange)^
14. Black Cashmere Sweater (Poshmark)^
15. Black Trousers (It's A Man's World)^
16. Black Corduroy Pants (It's A Man's World)^
17. White Linen Pants (Clothes Encounters DC)^



 1. White Linen Dress (H&M)
2. Cashmere/Cotton Henley x2 (esby)*
3. Black Thicker Henley (esby)*
4. V-Neck Sweater Tank (WRAY)*
5. Red Linen Jumpsuit (WRAY)*
6. Sweatpants (Lou & Grey)
7. Sweatpants Set (Abercrombie - Top & Bottom (similar))
8. Hoodie (Abercrombie - similar)
9. V-Neck Sweater (First Rite)*
10. Collared Sweater (First Rite) *
11. White Daisy Tank (NY&Co)
12. White Mini Dress (NY&Co)
13. Green Smock Dress (NY&Co)
14. Linen Jumpsuit (LOFT via Posmark)^
15-16. Smocked Dress (Reformation)*
17. Pants (Henning)*

1-3. Workout Shorts, Various Brands (Poshmark)^
4. Floral Maxi Dress (esby)*
5. Linen Jumpsuit (esby)*
6. Hawaiian Shirt (Amalgamated Clothing)
7. Sweatpants (Adidas, Amalgamated Clothing)^
8.  Tiger Print Maxi Dress (Mara Hoffman)*
9-10. Yellow Athleisure Set (Girlfriend Collective)*
11. Floral Shirt (Getup Vintage)^
12-13. Vintage Men's Slacks (Amalgamated Clothing)^
14. 70's Floral Shirt (Amalgamated Clothing)^
15. Vintage Michael Bolton Tee (Ebay)^
16. Olive Anorack (Marine Layer)*
17. Black Tunic (Lili the First)*
18. White Button Down (Lili the First)*
19. Jean Shorts (AE via Ebay)^
20. Leggings (Reebok via Poshmark)^
21. Fair Isle Sweater (Thrifted, Little Amulets)^
22. Linen Blazer (H&M)
23. Sleeveless Mock Neck (Vincetta Studio)*
24. Denim Short (H&M)
25. Linen Dress (Thrifted, Berriez)^

1. Cardigan (Etsy)^2. High Rise Pants (Ann Taylor)
3. Linen Mix Swing Top (Ann Taylor)
4. Men's Pullover (Amalgamated)^
5. Linen Dress (Shop Berriez)^
6. White Cotton Pants (Vintage, Vincetta Studio)*
7. Turtleneck (COS)
8. Sweater Vest (COS)
9. High Waist Trousers (H&M)
10. Oversized Cable Knit Sweater (United Colors of Benetton, Ebay)*
11. Wool Coat (The Real Real)^
12. Sweatshirt (Reformation)*
13. Plaid Jacket (Sell Trade Plus)^
14. Quilted Pullover (Marine Layer)*
15. Sweater Dress (ASOS)
16. Wool/Sweater Coat (Madewell via Sell Trade Plus)^
17. Muscle Tank (The Outrage)*
18. Sweater Vest (H&M)
19. Boyfriend Sweater (Park Story)*
20. Wool Trousers (Escada/The Real Real)^
21. Velvet Set (Shop Berriez)^

Which is, drumroll please, a whopping total of:

80 new to me pieces of clothing

Which I would cheer and say is less than last year, but I stopped counting workout gear when I realized that was all I was doing in 2020 and I wanted enough pieces that laundry wasn't a constant concern. So some of them are captured, but there are probably another handful that escaped and I can't lie to you, I don't care.


The biggest deal, and the area where I'm most proud of my improvement, is the ratio of secondhand/thrifted to new pieces.

37.5%! That's a really big change from the 8% it was in 2019! I will say the goal in 2021 is still going to be buying less, especially because I have a very wibbly wobbly relationship with thrifted clothing (oh hi hello weird sizing discrepancies) that has only been exacerbated by current circumstances which have pushed most purchasing online. But it's been a year friends, and I think I have a decent idea of what I'd like my word to be for the next one.

And remember - be excellent to each other, wash your hands, and cover your face (& follow kinggutterbaby on Insta).

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