WDDT?: Propolis Collagen Essence Mask

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Update: I've created a 'WDDT?' label so if you're ever in the mood JUST to see those posts, give it a little clicky and enjoy (though for right now the joy part is a little short-lived).

Today we're going to talk about Asian beauty masks - Korean ones to be exact, as they were the only brand to be had a Vietnamese health store. I can't even remember now where I first learned about them, but at the moment I like to see what's going on at Inside Out Elle, because she is a true connoisseur and can really tell you what's what. The one I tried on Saturday is the Propolis Collagen Essence Mask:

(after I used it)

THE QURE Propolis Collagen Essence Mask (info from alibaba.com)


   - Honey extract in the pack helps restore the skin exposed to external stress, and makes it smooth and resilient.


   - Water, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Honey Extract, Collagen, Rosa Centifolia Flower Water, Witch Hazel Extract, Natto Gum, Wheat Amino Acids, Betaine, Allantoin, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium PCA, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Tocopheryl Acetate, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Disodium EDTA, Methylparaben, Fragrance

 How to Use

   1. Cleanse throughly and dry your face
   2. Remove the pre-soaked mask from the packet
   3. Gently unfold the mask and apply lightly on your face using fingertips
   4. Relax for 20~30 minutes
   5. Lift off the mask and gently pat remaining serum into skin
   (In summer : keep in refrigerator as package itself.  In winter : before using, soak the package for 2~3 minutes in warm water)

My thoughts?

This mask was really floral. I mean really floral. I could have been holding a bouquet of flowers on my face and been less smelly. I did eventually get used to it though and after that I got to appreciate the soothing nature of the mask and how because of the excess serum it stayed so nicely on the face. Anything I saw concerning its effects is of course just my opinion, but I did think that my skin looked brighter and more even in tone after I removed it. For the price of 3/$5 it was definitely worth it and I'd probably repurchase. And now? Time for


orange + blue + A & A!

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Dress: NY&Co (really old) ~ Jacket: Forever21+ ~ Belt: Forever21 ~ Necklace: Forever21 ~ Shoes: Old Navy

Time to debut one of my new favorite pieces of clothing - a jean jacket from Forever21+! I'm not going to lie, it's a little boxy, but as piece to throw on top of outfits to make them more casual, I love it. I tend to fold the sleeves up to make it a little more interesting, but I think it has just enough distressing and is light enough in color to be a great addition to almost anything.

But wait - I'm not done yet! I haven't written one in a couple weeks so here's a bonus edition of Awkward and Awesome (ala the lovely Sydney from The Daybook)

-Chatting with someone on OKC and them mentioning how they used to push drugs o_O (this is not ok, just in case anyone needed the reminder)
-Have naked people trying on sheer garments in What Goes Around Comes Around
-H&m sizing! It's so aggravating to try on a size 14 that does fit around the ribs. What exactly am I supposed to do about my ribs H&M? Take one out? I hate you.
-Making what you know is the right decision about your life, but feeling crappy cause it makes you feel like  coward/failure anyway.
-I know I've said this before but it is HOT here and I don't appreciate it. Not one bit.
-Rude people on the phone. Is your attitude really necessary? I think not.
-Calling Marriott to find out the reservation I made 10 months ago doesn't exist and then spending the next hour crying and pleading to get a room - to be told that it's going to be $100 more a NIGHT. I'm not taking that one though; arguing and appealing has already commenced. 

-Food trucks
-Streetside music performances
-Asian pens & pencils
-Friends - they really rock! Especially when they make you feel so much less weird than you think you are.
-Lean Cusine's that magically end up tasting like a non-spicey version of Thai Curry
-New books! Even when I have too many I can't complain because I'm just happy to have them.
-Sea of Shoes. I know I'm late to this but I still think her style is completely ridiculous. Why couldn't I have looked like this in highschool? Especially the hair?
-Cowboys and Aliens. I haven't seen it yet but I know it's going to make me proud and deserve a spot on this list.
-THE BEACH! And staycations. They're both pretty freaking fantastic. I wish I could make both happen for me again right now.
-Costumes for Dragon*Con are slowly inching their way back onto the awesome list. I still have a few pieces I'm looking for, but with harem pants and a tentative idea of how I'm going to do the body pieces I don't feel too unprepared. Now if only I could find a lavender long-sleeved shirt!

Hmm....I don't know Buffy. Really?

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I love Sarah Michelle Gellar, don't get me wrong. But a twin sister/murder mystery series? I'm not sure how this is going to to turn out o_O

WDDT?: Wet n Wild Single Eyeshadows

I know I don't have them often, but it's time for another edition of 'What Does Dana Think?'! This time we're covering bargain eyeshadows as I bring you swatches of the Wet n Wild Color Icon Shadow Singles ($1.99, Walgreens). Outside of palettes I think it'd be hard to beat these shadows in terms of value for your money.. For the most part each one is smooth, richly pigmented, and blends like a dream. It's really apparent when you compare the no primer to primer swatches, because there's very little difference between the two.

Click to Embiggen
(all photos taken with natural light, no flash, on NC 42 skintone)

At this point I've picked up every one I've been able to find in either CVS or Rite-Aid and according the Walgreens website at least, that's probably all you can get. Brulee is the only matte shadow and Lagoon would definitely benefit from using a colored base, but on the whole I really like the shadows and would definitely recommend them to people looking to add a little variety to their collection.

Look at me with the photos! NY in a few collages :)

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I took waaaaay too many pictures. Too many for any one person (besides myself) to have any interest in. To make it slightly more enjoyable to all of you, lol, I thought a few Photoshop collages wouldn't be too bad. Enjoy!
Click to Embiggen

 If you don't know what this quote is from then I just have no use for you ;)

 The Make Up Forever studio at the Soho Sephora was FANTASIC! I've never seen anything like and would love to take a class. Plus that employee who helped me out with one of my fav pictures of the trip by pointing at the sign was FABulous. I need Georgetown to hire one just like him.

 In case you were wondering: Tribeca Taco Truck, Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, Zucchini Fries with Wasabi Dip

Filene's Basement rocks my socks

Another forgotten OOTD! Before work I ended up wearing this dress with some nude platforms to a friend's b-day party and I have to admit I like it better that way. The wedges are just too stark and severe against my skin, especially when paired with this light flowy dress. But you live and learn right?

Dress: STUDIO I (Filene's) ~ Shoes: Ralph Lauren (DSW)

Either way this dress is one of my favorite new purchases. There's just something so Eater Sunday about it! When I wear it I almost wish I was in church with a hat and a fan to keep myself from getting the 'vapors'.

nobody knows

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"Nobody can prove that fat actually causes all of the health issues that it gets blamed for.  Nobody who says that fat is unhealthy can explain the 51% of overweight adults and 30% of obese adults who are metabolically healthy (based on studies from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York).  Nobody can prove why we’re getting fatter (there’s even argument as to whether or not we are).  Nobody knows for sure why obese people who live in cultures that don’t stigmatize them do not show negative health outcomes that those in stigmatizing societies do. Nobody knows for sure why all of the health problems that are correlated with being fat are also correlated with being under constant stress.  Nobody knows for sure the long term health effects of living in a society that constantly stigmatizes you and tells you that you can’t possible be healthy."

My travel win: NOT overpacking the makeup

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That's right, you read the title of this post correctly, miracles of miracles I somehow managed to be tough with myself and only bring to NY the makeup I really needed.

It was hard going there for a while ya'll.

My makeup is just one of my security blankets, allowing me to take control of the image I present to the world. But slowly but surely, as I work hard on loving and liking myself despite my flaws, the amount of makeup I wear on a 'down day' has dwindled. I'm sure it's still a lot for some people, but here's what I considered to the bare bones of a good face (especially in the summer):

1. Double Wear Stay-in-Place ShadowCreme (in 07 Golden Apricot) - Adds a dash of  color and sparkle to the lids and I can apply it with my fingers without a primer. I got a bit of creasing about 10hrs later, but I don't think that's really surprising.

2. Urban Decay Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer (in Bulletproof) - Applied with my fingers this gives a great base to start evening out my skin tone with built in SPF 20. I think they've changed the packaging but I love this!

3. laura mercier Foundation Powder (in No. 5) - I patted this on top of my tinted moisturizer with the flat top brush e.l.f. for a wonderfully flawless finish that lasts all day.

4. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural (in Dark) - Perfect for contouring and adding some quick dimension to the face

5. e.l.f. Studio Blush (in Candid Coral) - Great pop of color for the summer

6. Physician's Formula Eye BOOSTER Eyeliner (in Ultra Black) - This has a brush tip which I love and doesn't leave me with smudges at the corner of my eyes at the end of the day.

7. MAX Bold Curves Mascara (in 001 Black) - I love the wet formula and with a couple coats and a curved brush I'm ready to go for anything

1. Hair band and bobby pin - Who doesn't need these when they travel?

2. Crown Brushes C413 Brow Duo - Just the tool to give me brows a quick grooming in the morning since I don't fill them in

3. Crown Brushes Tapered Face Brush - I can contour and add blush with this brush, and the tapered shape gives me plenty of control while the density means I can buff everything in.

4. e.l.f. Powder Brush - My favorite foundation brush. Liquid, powder, mineral, this does it all and at $3 a pop is a fantastic deal.

And that's IT! I know it's amazing, but somehow I managed to survive a whole 2 days just with those products. Hopefully this post gives you some ideas for your own travel essentials - I promise it can be done with just a little!

humidity sucks

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You know what guys? I'm baaaack! NY was a blast and I took way too many pictures as usual. To give me a little time to edit them into something more manageable I thought it was a great time for forgotten outfit posts!

This was from a couple weeks back I think and because the sunlight on the roof was too awkward in the morning I had to take shots at lunch. After the gym. After having to be at an outdoor concert in the heat and humidity.

Just keep that in mind while viewing the generally wilted version of my outfit ok? Trust me when I say that earlier in the day this look had been really cute.

Shirt: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Skirt: Banana Republic ~ Shoes: Ralph Lauren (DSW)

Happy Monday!

I might need to stop going to Ann Taylor

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Pants: H&M ~ Tank: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Cardigan: Ann Taylor Factory

Watch: Michael Kors

I don't want to start looking like I got attached by a mannequin. But in more exciting news - I'm going to be in NY this weekend! Hopefully buying a few cool things, if nothing else getting some great pictures. I have no idea how to upload anything straight from my spiffy new smart phone to Blogger, so unless you're friends with me on FB you'll have to make do with pics and stories when I get back.


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Sometimes I am left all alone on the roof where I like to take pictures.

I'm not sure this is always a good thing.

P.S. - Sorry for no Awkward and Awesome today! I have not been awkward or awesome enough this week :-/

sparkles in the city

Silver: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 220 Celeb City

Glitter: Kleancolor Lacquer in 28 Chunky Silver

Inspired by Holly-Ann Aeree's video, but Sally Hansen was BOGO at CVS and I already had the glitter from a beauty supply store haul awhile back.

Love it when things work out :)

e.l.f. cosmetics 60% Off!

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I try not to say too much about e.l.f. on here. You all know I like them, and that they make some pretty spectacular brushes for the price. Well their ANNIVERSARY SALE just started and everything on the site is 60% off with the code BEST. I already bought a crap ton of stuff I didn't need (except for a few backups) so I thought I'd pass along the good word ;)

Also - I hope all my fellow Americans enjoyed their long weekend! I certainly did and must admit I'm a little sad to be back at work.

Happy 4th of July!

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Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans out there! I hope you're enjoying your long weekend and honoring all the great people and events that made us what we are :D

peace, love...

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Happy Friday!

I hope you guys having something fun and fantastic coming your way these next couple days :D