Casual Friday

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 Top: Express ~ Pants: GAP ~ Blazer: Ann Taylor LOFT ~ Cameo Necklace: Eastern Market

a random sunday post

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Orange + Plum

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Products Used:
~~Tarte Holiday Palette (matte eyeshadow on the lid)
~~MAC Rule eyeshadow
~~Ruby Kisses Gel Liner in GES03 Violet Shimmer

This was a super easy look that I ended up loving. First I applied a matte eyeshadow about the same color of my skin all over the lid. Taking a crease brush I placed MAC's Rule eyeshadow in the crease, blending out and upward so as to eliminate any harsh lines. I finished off with a dark plum gel liner and mascara - simple, bright, and a great spring look if I do say so myself :).

Happy Friday!

Awkward and Awesome Thursday! (4/26)

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-'How do I work Internet Explorer?' This is the question I got yesterday. What the what? You mean how do you open the internet browser ON YOUR COMPUTER?
-Writing memos to try and make grown men and women not steal food from the fridge.
-Waffling between kind of wanting to excerise out of some misplaced desire to be 'healthy' (I'm not really all that unhealthy to begin with) and resting in the loving embrace of my couch.
-**TMI ALERT!** Feeling an almost constant need to blow/pick your nose due to allergies. I'm now that weird girl with spiffy tissues, eye drops, AND saline spray. FML.

-Costume pieces for Dragon*Con! Little by little I can now say it's starting to come together and I'm so happy about it
-Hanging out with friends. On my own terms and when I want to. (I know this doesn't sound awesome but this is a big thing for me)
-Wine & Cheese
-Cleaning out the closet - finally. This has been on the list to do for a while but I've been hitting a wall when it comes to letting go of pieces I like but don't fit the style I want to wear now. I finally made some strides earlier this week - up next comes organizing!
-That I'm wearing a black & white striped shirt with a leopard print pencil skirt


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Dress: An Taylor Factory (old) ~ Shirt: J.Crew ~ Belt: Torrid (old) ~ Shoes: Marshall's

So yeah, about 'no shop April'....

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Apparently I could only last 23 days. Sigh. I've been thinking about it though and to help me on the way to a more successful May (yes, I rhymed) I've decided to take this number as a sign and make a list of 23 THINGS (or activities) that I could enjoy instead of shopping:

1) Cleaning out my closet. Again. I've only been able to fill one more trash bag but I'm still not happy with the amount of clothes left. I don't know how I'll get rid of more but I have to.
2) Cleaning my house. Unpacking has been a.....gradual process to say the least and while most of the stuff is away there is room for improvement.
3) Reading. Always a favorite.
4) Makeup practice. I have not done enough of this lately and I think I'm finally in the mood to get back into enticing friends over so I can play with their face.
5) Free activities in DC. I follow plenty of blogs and should be able to find something to do with myself that doesn't cost copious amounts of money.
6) Beach! It's all I can think about and as soon as the weather is consistently warm (both a good and bad thing) I'm getting someone excited about carpooling.
7) Museums? I'm not totally sure about this one, but I liked the video game exhibit I saw last month and would probably go again
8) At home mani-pedis. My feet I am ashamed to say are like the Sahara. Some concentrated love would not be amiss.
9) Youtube. This will only last so long as there aren't enough videos or daily vlogs in the world to keep me permanently entertained but hey, we'll see.
10) Yoga. Or Exercise in general.  In case you've never met me let me clarify and say that I hate exercise. I never feel better or more energized when I go, but I did hate Yoga less that most when I tried it in college.

11) Game Nights. I've said that I want to do this for a while but my general reluctance to have people in my house has been challenging.
12) Dragon* Con Costuming. Again, this is an activity that won't entertain me forever as Googling and Ebaying relentlessly gets draining, but still it must be done!
13) Organizing my jewelry. I still haven't gotten by chotsky shelf and jewelry corkboard up since the move and it's bugging the crap out of me.
14) Practice guitar. This is a BIG maybe as I don't think I'm destined for music super-stardom, but hey it's another thing to add to the list.
15) Margarita Popsicles. Another 'to-do' item from last summer that's been left undone.

.....f*ck. I can't think of any more. Let's just pretend I had 23 and move on ok? I'm sorry I bought clothing. I'm a horrible person and should be flogged in the street.

Review: Lioele A.C Zero Night Spot Trouble Hunter

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From Pretty and Cute -

"Night spot that targets skin troubles that do not subside,with pink sulfur powder that softens old keratin clogging the pores to help relieve skin troubles and salicylic acid that quickly relieves blotchy skin.Glycerin deeply penetrates the skin overnight to make skin more clear and clean."

My Thoughts:

In general I don't do a lot of product reviews because I rarely feel like they're worth it. Maybe the product works - kind of - but nothing has been a miracle cure (not even the Clarisonic) so why bother? I picked this up on a whim while I was in NY Easter weekend and despite my doubts I have to say I really like it.

What this does best, for me anyway, is bring pimples to 'poppable status' quicker. You know those deep undergounders that, while easy to cover, hurt like HELL and just never seem to go away? And that if you try to pop too early turn into horribly scabby centers of pain and disgustingness? Well in about 2 days this pink stuff turned it into a safely poppable normal pimple and I consider that kind of miraculous. It does the same work on smaller pimples in a day or so, which means I've seen overall a less pimply face because everything is less red and heals faster. My one warning is that it's gotten all over my pillowcases and I have no idea yet if it'll wash out. I'm not heartbroken about this, I care more about my face, lol, but I thought I'd share just in case.

i love her

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Naomi Shimada

Naomi Shimada

Naomi Shimada
Also I now want to model (HAH!) and own a pair of high waisted jean shorts (which I KNOW will look horrible on me).

i'm too tired to get this song out of my head

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try two

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Shirt: The Limited ~ Skirt: Old Navy ~ Jacket: Forever21+ ~ Shoes: Nine West

Hmm...I chose comfort over looks in the shoe department and now I regret it.

and the butterfly rises...

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Happy Founders' Day Theta Nu Xi

I <3 you

-#3 Bittersweet Melody, Delta Chapter, Spring 2006


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Shirt: Banana Republic ~ Vest: Marshall's (on clearance) ~ Pants: GAP ~ Belt: Forever21+

My shirt was not cooperating with pictures last week but I wanted to at least try and show you a 'daring' work look for me. The fur vest and I have a ways to go before becoming confident I think.


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Blazer: Old Navy ~ Jeans: Forever21+ ~ Shoes: Nine West ~ Necklace: Former Roomie's

Right now I'm

-wearing a sheer animal print blouse to work
-super happy with the venti caramel macchiato I got for free (coupon!)
-STILL thinking about what I should bring with me to New York this weekend.

I know I'm a goober when it comes to clothing, but traveling in Spring is apparently my downfall. It's kind of coat weather but not really, kind of warm during the day but not, and I feel like layering can only take you so far before you end up a big ol' mess.

I'm going to try and be picture queen while I'm gone and - gasp! - attempt a vlog, but no promises. I really have no idea how people pull those things off on a regular basis.

an etsy kind of morning

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I've got my eye on a few things for Dragon*Con this year (DRAGON*CON! 147 DAYS!! WOOHOO!!) but this morning Etsy won in terms of things I want vs the money I might actually be willing to part with for them. Think of this as a personal reminder post ok? You all just get to sit back and enjoy the pretty pictures :D.

summer breeze

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Top: Banana Republic ~ Skirt: Torrid ~ Belt: Forever21 ~ Bag: Lou Lou Boutiques ~ Sandals: Old Navy

What I wear to work when it is hot as balls outside. In March o_O

try one

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Shirt: J.Crew ~ Skirt: Old Navy (old) ~ Shoes: Off Broadway (old)

You'll see this skirt again in another OOTD soon, but I wanted to go ahead and take the opportunity to say 'oooh Old Navy wins!' - especially in the clearance section.

Oh and in case you haven't see the latest and greatest from The Bloggess (aka Jenny Lawson) I've embedded her new book trailer below. Which, in case you didn't know, is FUNNER THAN THE BIBLE.

(And Happy April Fools Day too! )