when does wanting a petticoat become a need?

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After wearing this skirt a few times I really do feel like it would benefit from a petticoat. Maybe not a huge one but the shape is such that to really show off this skirt I think some help in the fullness department would be a good idea. Thoughts?

Sweater: Express ~ Top: H&M ~ Skirt: H&M (thrifted) ~ Belt: J.Crew ~ Tights: Hue ~ Booties: Dolce Vita (via Nordstrom Rack) ~ Purse: Hong Kong/No Brand

Fitting Room Review: The Limited

Sorry for the rush post but dresses are 50% off through today and there are some great pieces at The Limited right now (especially for Easter!). I didn't even try on all the dresses they had in store (some I just knew weren't going to be right on my body) but if you're in the market then I would say stop by!

*All dresses are Sz 14

Eyelet Fit & Flare Dress, $98.00 NOW $49.00
You might not believe me because the pattern is so bleh on me (especially in this picture! sheesh) but this dress was actually very flattering in the fit department. 

Sophie Theallet Shirt Dress, $118.00 NOW $59.00
Great in concept, not so great on me. I just felt very closed in in this particular dress and even though it buttoned fine the belt didn't close at all. AT ALL people. Very strange. 

Chevron-Striped Dress, $98.00 NOW $49.00
Temptation thy name is chevron stripes. You probably can't tell from this picture but this dress is SO AMAZING. It's a little wrinkly here but the fabric manages to be both lightweight for spring while still stiff enough to hold its shape. I had to buy it! 

Belted Floral Dress, $98.00 NOW $49.00
The width of the shoulder straps left me looking a little broad but the bow belt was super cute and the scoop back made zipping this up a breeze. 

Striped Flared-Skirt Dress, $98.00 NOW $49.00 
Oh my sweet baby Jesus this dress. I loved it - loved it just as much (if not more) than the chevron - but the 14 was just too big. There was a bit of blousey-ness under the darts and too much room in the waist (where the pleats begin) to let me lie to myself about the fit. There was no 12 in store but since I have no self control I ordered it from online to try on! OOPS! 

down time

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I am determined to continue drying the f*ck out of these H&M pants until they fit right (see bagginess in the knees).

Sweater: Gap ~ Shirt: J.Crew ~ Pants: H&M ~ Boots: Steve Madden ~ Bracelet: Eastern Market

P.S. - It is snowing in DC right now. SNOWING. This is possibly the worst beginning of 'Spring' ever, especially when combined with me being sick yesterday.

matchy matchy

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I'm always looking for new ways to wear what I own so for this particular outfit I took a page from Cee's book and matched my red turtleneck with my denim peplum top. I love how she pairs red & navy blue (check out her post devoted just to the red turtleneck!) but since I'm a little lacking in that color department I figured this worked well enough.

Turtleneck & Top: ASOS ~ Belt: Hong Kong ~ Skirt: Forever21+ ~ Necklace: Forever21 ~ Tights: Hue ~ Shoes: Tahari ~ Clutch: Banana Republic

copper shine

Challenge accepted!

A friend on FB sent me a picture of a really sparkly dramatic copper eye and it was something I just had to try myself. I had copper pigment not glitter (inspiration photo here) so I used a combo of products to achieve a similar affect. I hope you guys like it!

Products Used:
~~Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer in tan
~~Tarte Holiday Palette, matte highlight eyeshadow
~~Sephora flashy liner in 06 flashy brown (base, all over the lid)
~~Milani Mineral Compact Makeup in 105 Honey Beige (transition color)
~~Tarte Holiday Palette, light brown matte eyeshadow (transition color)
~~NARS "And God Created the Woman" Palette, brown matte eyeshadow (outer corner, crease color)
~~NARS "And God Created the Woman" Palette, blackish brown matte eyeshadow (outer corner)
~~Sephora kohl liner in 01 keep black
~~Sephora glitter eyeliner in 07 gold
~~Inglot loose eyeshadow in 63
~~Ruby Kisses HD Gel Liner in Rich Black
~~L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
~~Hong Kong Lashes

Geek of the Week #16

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Happy Monday friends! I've decided to switch things up a little with 'Geek of the Week' so at the bottom you'll find links to some of the more random/fashion-y things that have caught my eye lately. I'm not sure they'll always be there but in case you're like me and have a case of Spring Fever have fun looking around!

1) If it's wrong of me to want this sushi pillow then I don't want to be right.

2) Taco makeup pouch! Are you sensing a theme here? Fluffy, squishy, completely useless cute things are my fave.

3) Anne Bishop (Dark Jewel Trilogy) has released a new book! I've just picked it up, haven't even started it, but I'm sure it's going to be awesome. Like your books fantasy filled, a little dark, with incredible characters? Then this should be on your TBR list!

4) I did a full 'laugh awkwardly loud in the middle of work' laugh at this shirt and even looking at it now I love it. Will I buy it? I'm undecided, mostly because I just don't wear t-shirts that often.

And finally, in unrelated news and in no particular order....Little Chief Honeybee is hosting a $150 LuLu's giveaway (their clothes look pretty small but the shoes & jewelry are awesome!) // ASOS is so bad for me. I want this dress and this dress because both look like something Wendy would wear // I've been trying Retin-A Micro to get rid of some bumps & clear up a little hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and it has been tearing my skin UP. In the comments of an XOJane article someone mentioned these little pads as a great dupe for a $65 version from Sephora and I'm thinking of giving them a go because I'm super sad // These heels from Nordstrom are amazing and I want them // Ditto for these from Zappos (but in the rose patent color) // Oh and one cute bag from a store I've never heard of before - Call It Spring - I love the colors! // Sorry - I had to add another dress! I just want all the dresses ok?! I deserve them. Somehow. I promise ;)

the best insults

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I can't even say it was an insult when my coworker called this outfit my 'Ms. Frizzle' look. What child of the 80's would have a problem looking like Ms. Frizzle?! The Magic School Bus books and tv show were absolute favorites of mine and I'm sure helped kindle my love for the sciences. Plus I just used it as an excuse to buy the brooch I'd been eying on Etsy (close-up below).

Cardigan: LOFT ~ Turtleneck & Tights: J.Crew ~ Skirt: H&M ~ Belt: HK ~ Brooch: Etsy ~ Booties: Dolce Vita via Nordstrom Rack

Book Collage Brooch, Pins with Personality, $20

Has there ever been a piece of jewelry more me? Probably not so thank goodness Etsy is around to help me showcase my weirdness to the world. It makes introducing myself so much easier!

dot invasion

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Blazer: H&M ~ Top: WHBM ~ Skirt: JC Penny ~ Belt: J.Crew ~ Tights: Nordstrom ~ Shoes: Nine West

I'm not sure about you guys, but lately my life has been all about the polka dot. I'm still on the search for polka dot jeans - I can't help myself, sorry - but these tights are possibly my new best friend. And promise you won't judge me? I may have repeated this entire outfit because once I had my heart set on polka dot tights there was no way I could post a version without them. Commitment to a cause or absolutely insane? Your guess is as good as mine.

Review: CoverGirl Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

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Time for a quick foundation review!

While I've been lusting after the Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer and Illamasqua's Skin Base foundation, the blogosphere has been buzzing about CoverGirl's latest -

"All-in-one foundation with a long-lasting formula that fuses primer, concealer, and foundation in one easy step! The 3-in-1 formula provides a flawless look that lasts all day long."

After both ItsJudyTime and HollyAnnAeree gave it good scores I knew I had to try it - plus armed with my 20% off Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupon it was pretty cheap! To give you an idea of my issues I have oily skin with a little bit of patchiness around the nose due to winter weather. I like my foundation to be medium to full coverage with a matter finish to cover blemishes and pigmentation.

Because I always like to know what foundation looks like on other people I've undertaken the ultimate sacrifice....

As you can see I have general discoloration under the eyes and across the eye lids, redness around the nose, and hyperpigmentation 'freckling' along the bottom of both cheeks. How does CoverGirl fare against all that?

WITH Foundation!

Whoa - a little ghostly right? The downfall of matte medium/full coverage foundations is that they cover everything. This includes the natural contours of the face which results in me appearing a little fake here. I have to say though that this is a great match for my skin. It flawlessly transitions from the middle of my face to my neck and lasts all day long - maybe even better than my Lancome (this opinion is still in the testing phases, lol). But I do have to be careful with just how many/what kind of mattitfying products I use under it; things can quickly go too far too fast and then I just look dry and sickly.

Final Thoughts:

With a little blush and bronzer to give my face some depth I really like this foundation. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone other than combination/oily skin people because of its mattifying properties but for <$10 this foundation's getting an A+ from me!

cape problems

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Cape: Pins and Needles (via UO) ~ Sweater: J.Crew ~ Top: H&M ~ Jeans: The Limited ~ Shoes:  Bare Traps (via DSW)

As in I might have too many capes. Is three too many? Or can I lie and say "oh, well only two have showed up on the blog so things can't be that bad.....". Shrug. The most important part of all this is....


spf perfection?

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So, fun times, I'm trying a new product to clear up some of the hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. Not so fun, using it pretty much requires me to apply SPF daily. Which I should be doing anyway because of the CANCER and WRINKLES but I'm a maverick and sometime like to go out with just foundation.

I'd tried Kiehl's Super Fluid a few times (yay for generous samples!) but after my last facial I wandered into CVS, happened up their Vichy counter and found something wonderous - a cheaper dupe!

broad spectrum protection UVB + UVA, SPF 50
1.7 fl. oz, $17-$25 (depends on where you buy it)

UVA/UVB Protection, SPF 50+
1.7 fl. oz, $38

I tested the sample in-store and marveled at how closely it resembled the Kiehl's I remembered from last summer. Plus when I got home and compared the two, their texture and ingredient list were practically the same:

Out of the package:

Active Ingredients -
Avobenzone 3%
Homosalate 10%
Octisalate 5%
Octocrylene 5%
Oxybenzone 6%

Active Ingredients -
Avobezone 3%
Homosalate 15%
Octisaslate  5%
Octocrylene 5%
Oxybenzone 6%

Application for both products is great, they apply smooth, soak in quickly, and don't appear to make me more oily by the end of the day. If you're brand loyal hey, go with what works for you, but I'm liking the Vichy enough to make it a part of my regular routine!

the library's calling

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Top & Belt: J.Crew ~ Sweater: Urban Outfitters ~ Skirt: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Shoes: Tahari (via Marshall's)

And they want their librarian back, stat. I wore this a couple weekends ago and it may have successfully saved this sweater from the Goodwill pile (I'm too disorganized for a box or even a garbage bag). I'm having a hard time rationalizing pieces to myself if they only work with one outfit though so the jury's still out.

And my spiffy new camera? Seems to be having a disagreement with the remote I just bought. Resetting the 2sec/remote after every shot is no bueno.

Geek of the Week #15

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My other DIY project over President's Day weekend was to finally take down my Cosplay for a Cause calendar and replace it with something equally geeky and wonderful. Behold:

So much love you guys, I can't even tell you. These figurines are pieces I purchased (or were gifts) in highschool and it makes me ridiculously happy to have them out and about. I don't have to watch InuYasha any more to still enjoy everything and hey - Chobits is still the bomb!

(All from the anime InuYasha)
Top: Kagome & Inuyasha
Bottom (L-to-R): Miroku, Sango, &Sesshomaru

Left: Top - Shippo & Chi (from the anime Chobits)
Right: Various Anime Pins

After putting everything  up I'd have to say that I think the white frame looks a little bland. I may end up decoupaging (is that the right word?) some anime playing cards with pretty pictures around the outside. I don't want it to be too busy but white frames on white walls just isn't giving enough impact. What do you think - to mod podge or not to mod podge?