In celebration of the holiday I spent yesterday with friends, and it was a day filled with fun, laughter, and a ridiculous amount of food. I'm incredibly lucky in the friends-turned-family I have in DC and Thanksgiving this year was a classic example of why. Who else brings two entire pies AND a tray of frosted brownies to share amongst three people!?

There may have also been some (a lot) of time spent in the carrot onesie dancing to this song

You see that plate? I made all that. #proud

make it work

I'm trying to push myself into new and different layers this season and this dress is a prime example. Would I have paired it with this turtleneck last year? Probably not, but Khatu and Cee have demonstrated some beautiful examples of how to turn Summer dresses cooler weather appropriate and I hope I do them justice.

Turtleneck: J.Crew ~ Dress: ECI New York (also worn here) ~ Jacket: Old Navy ~ Tights: Target ~ Shoes: Nine West (thrifted)

lady in pink

99% of the time H&M clothing won't have room for all my ribs, but somehow that extra 1% always manages to include pieces that turn into wardrobe staples. And I know what you're saying, how is a hot pink blazer a wardrobe staple, but I've worn this with a variety of outfits and loved it every time.

Blazer: H&M (also worn here and  here) ~ Top: Lucky Brand (Marshall's) ~ Skirt: Leith (Nordstrom) ~ Shoes: Nine West ~ Watch: Michael Kors

it's all about the giraffe

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I'm not sure I'm show casing either of these new items here in their best light but I love really love them so bear with me ok? This jacket just called to me, in spite of the higher price tag (it was clearance on clearance because hey - Wilson's Leather - but that doesn't mean it was cheap) and the moto shape with large lapel has me wanting to wear this everyday.

The shoes are the culmination (at least for now) of my desire for riding boots. Specifically black ones with brown tops that fit a wide calf. I wouldn't say they were as comfortable as the Bandolino name would suggest but I traipsed around NJ in them for days after they arrived and they seem to be holding up pretty well. For under $100 (I used a coupon) they'll work for me until I find an even more perfect replacement.

Jacket: Marc New York/Andrew Marc (Wilson's Leather) ~ Sweater: Banana Republic ~ Top: Gap (also worn here) ~ Jeans: The Limited ~ Boots: Bandolino

What to Wear: Mixing Patterns

Sorry for completely forgetting about last week's What to Wear post! I didn't mean to space out but since Nicole already posted her link up I thought that perhaps late would be better than never.

Pattern mixing is probably one of my favorite things to do (see here, here, or here) and while I tend to go for the obvious pairings today I thought I'd showcase a more subtle mix.

The Tommy Hilfiger book dress goes surprisingly well with this Banana Republic skirt and the overall effect is dressy but still casual (especially if you pair it with flats the way I do on my commute). Hope this helps those of you trying out new combinations of old wardrobe staples!

Dress (worn as shirt): Tommy Hilfiger (also worn here) ~ Skirt: Banana Republic ~ Shoes: Nine West ~ Watch: Michael Kors

rolling out the coats

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Note to self: don't wear bulky layers under a form fitting skater jacket.

Besides that small snafu I still love this jacket and can't wait to wear it more often. It's super warm (ie in the future I'm only going to be putting one layer underneath) and the asymmetrical swing hemline is fun and feminine. I won't say I truly needed another jacket (I'm not sure I'll ever say that) but a sale from ASOS is as good a reason as any!

Coat: ASOS (similar in black) ~ Pants: GAP Factory ~ Boots: Unknown (gift)

garden party

As long as Fall in DC continues to bounce between 45 and 65 degrees I'm going to continue wearing coats covered in flowers with 3/4 length sleeves.

Jacket: ECI New York (also worn here) ~ Top: The Limited ~ Skirt: H&M (thrifted) ~ Shoes: Nine West (thrifted) ~ Bag: Kate Spade ~ Watch: Michael Kors ~ Bracelet: Eastern Market

maybe mint

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I'm not sure my EOTD is looking quite as mint as this inspiration look by Madam Noire but I still love the color combination!

Products Used:
~~NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
~~Ebay 120 Palette - mint/teal eyeshadows, white eyeshadow, brown eyeshadow
~~MAC Soft Brown eyeshadow
~~MAC Embark eyeshadow
~~elf Cream Eyeliner in coffee
~~Stila smudge stick waterproof eye liner in damsel
~~Benefit "They're Real" mascara

Geek of the Week #19

1. Litographs. What is a litograph you ask? "Litographs create art from the books you've read and loved" and this website has a huge and fantastic selection of items to wear, carry, or put up in your house.

 The Secret Garden shirt, $34

2. Dr. Who leggings. Because these exist and everyone needs a pair to NOT WEAR LIKE PANTS.

 Geeky U, $64.82

3. Tardis Footie Pajamas. Yes they exist and yes you need to have them.

 Think Geek, $39

4. A Conversation With Myself About Buying a Dress. A friend sent this article to me and it is a freakishly accurate depiction of how I walk into Macy's wanting nothing and come out with everything.

Sorry that Geek of the Week is a little shorter than usual today but I really enjoyed the stuff that made it on here! I do have one burning question though: has anyone seen Ender's Game? Or planning to see Thor 2 this weekend? Tell me your movie viewing thoughts and desires!

clear skies and warm pies

This is not an outfit fantastically all that different from the last time I wore this dress on the blog but hey - I like what I like.

Dress: ModCloth (also worn here) ~ Cardigan: Old Navy ~ Belt: Anthropologie ~ Boots: Steve Madden ~ Watch: Michael Kors

pink & grey

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Makeup photos are hard. I promise to keep working on 'smoothing out' more of the skin right around my eyes and better color quality - guess I really do have to look at that Photoshop book!

Products Used:
~~Make Up For Ever face powder (skin tone colored)
~~MAC Soft Brown eyeshadow
~~MAC Expensive Pink eyeshdow
~~MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow
~~MAC Graphology eyeshadow
~~MAC Embark eyeshadow
~~Milani Touch of Brown eyeshadow quad, vanilla brow highlight
~~Milani Liquif'Eye eye liner in pencil in 03 Gold
~~MAC Goldmine eyeshadow
~~L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eye Liner
~~Physician's Formula Eye Booster felt tip eye liner in Ultra Black

blazer #2

Looking back on this outfit I'd say I'm ok with a little of it and in love with not much of it, for a couple of reasons. The top half I'm totally on board with, especially the goofy little character on this J.Crew Factory sweater, but on the bottom I'm just not comfortable.

As I'm getting older I'm becoming less and less willing to put myself into pieces I don't feel great in. And due to some insecurities involving the abdomen area pencil skirts are just not my favorite thing to wear - no matter how I try. This skirt has been in and out of the donate bin for a while but I think it's going to stay there this time. Possibly along with these shoes....

Blazer: GAP ~ Sweater: J.Crew Factory ~ Skirt: Torrid ~ Shoes: Steve Madden