Geek of the Week #25

//I may have to save up for this, once I finally figure out what I want my living space to look like.

//I love how my coworkers share the yummiest sounding recipes with me & this one even appears to be easy to make!

//I made these fish tacos recently and even though I made some tweaks it was a super tasty meal. My only recommendation (& what I wished I had done) was up the jalepeno amount. I really didn't taste it much in the cream sauce.

//I don't think anyone is actually surprised by the depths of my weirdness anymore so let's all just marvel at this Sailor Moon cosplay performance, shall we?

//I'm so thankful to live in a world where there is Backstreet Boys themed makeup, lol.

More Cool Stuff: Womb Power! // I'm thinking about playing with these when the weather warms up. // If only I lived a life where this would pass muster. // The perfect belated Valentine's Day gift. // I really related to Amanda's post on home decoration. I might rent but I'm still trying to figure out what I *want* in my space and sometimes inspiration is more harm than help. // Though I did love her link to this easy wall decor. // Um, TOTALLY want to see this. // I'm not watching Fresh Off The Boat, but if it includes scenes like this and this then I may need to catch up. Pronto. // I've got a few different trips I'm saving up for this year and Digit just might be the kick in the pants I need to save more than I'm doing so right now.// OMG Cupcake Pushpop! //

And Even Cooler Clothing: My new favorite summer dress (bought with two coupons! Win!) // Has anybody tried these before & have an opinion? // What a maxi. I almost wish I had a need for this! // A very sophisticated butterfly dress. // Definitely need to try on some of these power pastels.

in case you were wondering

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It is as terribly, brutally cold here in DC as it is pretty much everywhere else (except Boston - props to the NE for surviving the apocalyptic levels of snow you've gotten this year). And on Valentine's Day I made the dumb-ass decision to try and take blog photos as quickly as possible without my coat.

Not a good plan.

*I've also mentally dubbed this my "Meghan Trainor" outfit. Was I a bit over dressed to be hanging out in Michael's and Home Depot? Yes. Did I care? Of course not!

Dress: Ann Taylor ~ Shirt: Banana Republic ~ Tights: Target ~ Shoes: DSW (super old, similar here and here) ~ Purse: Aldo (old) ~ Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples

Geek of the Week #24

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// "This is a jar full of major characters" - one of the best articles I've read about the importance of including characters of color in a variety of cultural mediums.

// I might have a slight obsession with  looking at recipes I'm never going to make in real life, but I like to think that things like Apple Dumpling Monkey Bread are inspirational and aspirational.

// "Valentino's Pre-Fall Collection: My God It's Full of Stars" - WANT. (And if you need more specifics, I would probably wear the hell out of 90% of this.)

// I don't know how I'd make the excuse that I need another geeky figuring of any kind, but these original Power Ranger mini figs are so cute!

//OMG Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync battles are so great and even though I'm not the biggest fan of Kevin Hart this "Superbowl Edition" is AMAZING.

Fun Posts: I feel validated that something I already considered is A Beautiful Mess approved. // I'm trying to think of new ways to add plants into my apartment and this is super cute! //  There are only 3 episodes of this anime up so far and it is already batshit crazy. Make of that what you will.  // Definitely yes to a variety of party punches. // Also have to give it up for caramel apple cheesecake. Never made it, but now I really want to.  // I have so many feels about this pastel hair post. Mostly that I wish I liked the way fun colors looked on naturally curly hair >.< //

Clothing: I picked up a couple of suits from GabiFresh's latest Swimsuits For All line and I can't wait to get them! // Used a 40% off code and 2 rewards coupons to pick up this shirt and while it runs small the print makes it all worthwhile

mixing it up

I'm still not sure what possessed me to try on this dress. To be honest I picked it up mostly because it I thought it was hideous and I didn't understand why Anthropologie was making a sweatshirt dress. Apparently they did that because it makes an incredibly comfy dress, and in weird 50 degree "winter" DC weather it worked really well. I wouldn't say this dress was par for the course for me style wise, in fact it's very 70's in my photographer's words, but sometimes you just buy a dress regardless of what decade in style it harkens back to, lol.

Dress: Anthropologie ~ Belt: Anthropologie (old, similar) ~ Trench: Jones New York (thrifted, also seen here) ~ Boots: Naturalizer (on Amazon) ~ Sunglasses: Kate Spade ~ Purse: Kate Spade
*Pictures taken by JJ*