pockets of sunshine

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So I'm not even going to try and claim that I'm being unique with this look. I loved how Extra Petite styled her Banana Republic pieces, and with some comparable items already in my closet I decided to give it a try.

And when you consider all the compliments I've gotten both times I've worn this outfit, I think it's safe to say that she's on to something. 

Top: J.Crew Factory (old, similar)~ Skirt: eShakti (old, similar) ~ Sandals: Seychelles ~ Necklace: Kate Spade ~ Sunglasses: Kate Spade ~ Bracelets: Etsy & Kate Spade Saturday ~ Watch: Ebay (similar)

Geek of the Week #34

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// I'm not ashamed to say SK-II had me crying at this commercial. If I had the means it'd pretty much be "TAKE ALL MY MONEY" time.

// Ok, JYP, I see you, lol.

// As someone who often sees herself as one of those "in-betweeners", I'm not sure how I feel about the plus size or not discussion. I'm glad it's one we're having at all honestly, since I do agree that seeing more of all kinds of bodies is good for everyone.

// I didn't have an allergic reaction per se when I moved to all Lush products (many years ago) but it definitely didn't work with my skin like what I use now. I tend to tell people to trust research first, leave "natural" at the counter.

// Thank goodness for Facebook (which, wow) and my friend Natasha because I loved this video. Each guy really genuinely expressed how they dressed and what their style wishes would be, and it was awesome to see them enjoy the change.

Fun Posts & Random Finds: I don't even regret being a terribly inconsistent TV watcher if this is what we're getting now a days... // I'm incredibly proud of the people out there doing good work, even when total douchenozzles make it difficult. //Anybody watching this show? I'm not much of a reality TV person but this review & the show's apparent "lack of drama" intrigue me. // Ghost in the Shell was a really monumental anime moment  in my youth, which is just part of why the cast in its live action remake annoys me so. //

Clothing & Jewelry: Amanda wears that "Fun and Games" dress SO WELL. // Yes to this shirt. // And this one. // YAAAS. // I'm officially throwing my BFF under the bus because WHY would she show me this?! I love this necklace. And this purse. Both totally useless, both totally adorable. // I haven't seen this dress in person but online at least it looks fantastic. //

all over olive

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As a random return to the store, I actually bought this dress first in the blue motif. I still consider it a fun Spring/Summer option, but for me and my life, the olive was the perfect colorway to bring home for keeps. I love how breathable the fabric is, and with the sheen to it I feel comfortable dressing it up or down. Highly recommended, especially since it runs true to size!

 Dress: Anthropologie ~ Shoes: ASOS ~ Sunglasses: Kate Spade ~ Necklace: Banana Republic (old) ~ Purse: Shiraleah (old) ~ Bracelet: Etsy ~ Watch: Ebay (similar)

Friday Finds: 2016 Swimwear

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Since I decided to take the jump into posting swimwear pics on Instagram (which was admittedly a little terrifying) I thought it'd also be helpful to talk about some of the other one-pieces and bikini's I've found on the world wide interwebs this year.

Just keep in mind though that by virtue of body type I'm only showing swimsuits I could actually feasibly wear. 

Budget Friendly Winner: Forever21+, Alternate: Target

So cute right?! I flip flop between one-pieces for playing around in and two pieces for maximum sun soaking (while responsibly wearing sunscreen. And reapplying.). If you spend a little time on the YouTubes you'll see Forever21+ has had a ton of really cute swimsuits this season (some of which aren't available online anymore) but I bought the one on the right and highly recommend that if you can get to a store to try them on that you give the pieces a try.

Mid-Range Winner: LOFT, Alternate: ASOS

Now LOFT is my choice for the mid-range swimwear shopper, but I'm torn a little bit about my recommendation. Recently LOFT has changed their return rules when it comes to beach/swim and it really grinds my gears. Swimwear is online only, and you qualify for free shipping at $125. BUT. You can no longer return swimwear in store AND there's a $7-$8 fee if you use their shipping label. All of that to say, I'm prefacing my recommendation with HOW ANNOYING THAT IS, because I don't think it's fair to charge me return shipping for something I physically can't try on in store. Poop on you LOFT.

But to get back to the swimsuits - the one on the left is a suit I bought in a different pattern last summer - it fits great and the keyhole with rouching is incredibly flattering. The bikini in the middle I bought this year in a different pattern, and while it's definitely less... coverage to say the least, lol, I still feel cute in it and it'll be perfect for just laying out. The suit on the right I tried on but just didn't love as much as the bikini so I returned it. All were true to size with good reviews (I really like swimwear that comes in number sizing).

Higher End Winner: Anthropologie, Alternate: Nordstrom

That lovely, amazing swimsuit on the right? The one that started it all my friends. I randomly picked a Seafolly swimsuit to try on from the sale rack last summer and it is SO. FREAKING. CUTE. I felt adorable and playful in it, and if that's not a sign to drop $60, I don't know what is. Now even with my employee discount this suit is frightfully expensive, and I wasn't sure I wanted to drop the $$ on a suit in the exact same shape as one I already own. It was a dilemma that the Forever21+ option saved me from, but then when I was picking cute options for today's post I found the striped one of the LEFT and it is also damn cute (seriously, look at the back too - love it!). And it is even more expensive than the one on the right so...womp womp.

What about you guys? Found any to-die-for swimwear this year?
 Let me know!

sunnier days

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Over DC's "peak bloom" weekend the weather was simply beautiful almost. Despite the calls for rain there was sun and flowers and it was a great time to be outside.

UNLIKE LATELY, when it's been super cold, windy, and actually raining.

I'm going to make it through though, apparently with lots of sleep, because it's been the only thing lately making me feel human enough to function.

Top: Anthropologie (old, not super similar but still cute) ~ Jeans: Target (old, similar here and here) ~ Shoes: Banana Republic (old, this year's version) ~ Purse: Anthropologie (old, also seen here) ~ Sunglasses: Kate Spade ~ Necklace: Kate Spade ~ Watch: Ebay (similar)

playing tourist

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Cherry blossom season in DC is absolutely one of my favorites. Despite the tourists (and god, there are so many tourists) it's impossible not to get a smile on my face when I see the flowers start to bloom everywhere.

This year I roped one of my friends (hi Britany!) into going with me and she saved me from being that weirdo with a tripod. She not only took some phenomenal outfit photos, her artistic sensibilities resulted in some close ups and such that I wouldn't have even thought to try on my own.

   Dress: NY & Company ~ Shoes: ASOS ~ Watch: Ebay (similar) ~ Necklace: Kate Spade ~ Bracelet: Etsy ~ Sunglasses: Kate Spade

And to ruin the "mystique" a bit, let me assure you that these were not the shoes I walked around the Tidal Basin in. They're great for a day at the office but I had a very reasonable pair of 1" sandals for the long haul, lol.

Geek of the Week #33

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// I loved this show as a wee little Dana, and while I'm kind of apprehensive about a reboot these types of articles do give me hope.

// I've never seen Silence of the Lambs (don't hate me, I just haven't felt the need to) but this is cool regardless.

// How could I not share Ilona Andrew's amazing blog post on the Alphahole Trope?

//Is this really happening right now?

Fun Posts & Random Finds: I don't even care that much about JK Rowling and I still love this. // I pretty much never get sick of reading about different makeup tips and tricks. // So I love Mythbusters and Adam Savage, but this video is both interesting and a bit boring to me, but only because I don't have enough DIY knowledge to follow everything he's doing. // I'm generally trying not to be political here but fuck you Joe Scarborough. // Junebugs and Georgia Peaches are inadvertently trying to convert me to the highwaisted pant. Resist! // This is pretty much exactly why I'm so concerned about a film version of A Wrinkle In Time.

Clothing & Jewelry: I blame Ashley Graham for me wanting this. // A really pretty maxi dress I tried on in H&M. Cute, but open back so definitely not bra friendly. // There are some super cute shoes at Anthropologie lately: one, two, three, four. //