Awkward and Awesome (Dragon*Con Edition!)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

-My right foot! It was so awkward the entire weekend because it hurt (kind of a lot actually) and it affected my ability to wear heels. Which messed with my outfits! Hmph. 
-anyone starting Q&A mic time with 'this is more of a comment than a question...'
-having a girl during mic time cry and explain how after having such and such different family members pass away your movie about getting revenge and killing people gave her a reason to live.
-Never finding Jen of Epbot! Danggit! I always seemed to be in line when she tweeted hints to her location - like on Sunday when I was waiting for the Buffy panel and was ONE FLOOR UP from where she was.
-People asking your friend the entire con: 'is the hammer your penis?'. I was very uncomfortable.
-Waiting for elevators. The 16th floor is a double edge sword because while you're far enough away from the noise to sleep elevators take FOREVER.
-Not knowing who Andrew Lee Potts was while watching a billion fan music videos about him. Oops!

-Wil Wheaton
-Would anyone mind if I just put Wil Wheaton again? Cause he's really awesome enough to deserve it.
-LKH in response to a moderator's ridiculously long winded quote that made absolutely no sense but was supposed to start the panel: 'I'm sorry - was there a question there?'
-Kate Mulgrew, Patrick Duncan McNeill, & Garret Wang on the Star Trek: Voyager panel. Hilarious and wonderful to listen to.
-How Kate Mulgrew and Gates McFadden (who in my head I keep calling Dr. Beverly) don't age. Seriously. They showed up at their respective panels looking almost exactly like they did on their shows (but with better hair).
-Rainbow Brite group - times 2! Only at Dragon*Con can you have one set of Rainbow Brite themed people meet up with a second set of Rainbow Brite themed people (with no duplicates) and stop and take pictures!
-Bob & Carl Sci-Fi Janitors (check out their awesomeness here)
-People asking to take pictures of my outfits/makeup! That never gets old :D
-Eliza Dushku and James Marsters. Oh and Nicholas Brendon too! The Buffy panel was epic in its fantasticness.
-Oh and finally - two videos from the anime/fan music video awards:


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