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Friday, September 9, 2011

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone out there who knows me in real life or reads this blog that I want a Totoro plushie.

REALLY want one.

Want one to the effect that every time there's an Asian themed festival or event I go out and try to find one at a price I'm willing to pay. Sadly this hasn't resulted in me owning a Totoro plushie yet, and so after examining (& loving) the $60 one at Dragon*Con (which I refused to buy - $60?! Yeah right. I say hell no to that on principal.) I've done some Ebaying to make my dream come true. These are the ones I've mostly narrowed it down to. 

Option 1 ($24.09, 17" tall)

Option 2 ($34.55, 18" tall)

Option 3 ($18 + $8 Shipping, 11" tall)

Option 4 ($8.50 for 2, 2.5" tall)

What do you guys think? Which one would you pick?

Edit: For the deprived individuals who have no knowledge of the Hayao Miyazaki film 'My Neighbor Totoro' please see below :D

Anonymous said...

slut that open mouthed one is creeeeeepy as hail.

i like #2

Dana said...

It's not creepy if you've seen the movie! Keep an open mind :P

Anonymous said...

I like number 2 also! Although number 3 is a pretty close second and less expensive

Anonymous said...

um. what is that? Description for those that have no idea what you are talking about? :_) -kristy

Dana said...

It's a Japanese children's film Kristy, by Hayao Miyazki - I embedded a fan trailer that will hopefully show it off better!

Anonymous said...


Kathryn said...


Kiko said...

2 or 4 for me. the little ones are adorable, but 2 is more typical totoro. 3 is fun, but if I only get 1 i'd want it to be a cute totoro, not a silly one.

You should also get a Domokun =D

Christine said...

WE LOVE TOTOROs in our house! LOVE. And that's my favorite clip from the movie, too! ^_^

I'm torn between Option 2 and Option 4. .. will probably be doing the same search soon because my 12 year old wants a Totoro plushie for xmas. She sent me a link recently ... not too subtle with the hints. ; )

Let us know which one you get!

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