(a little of) Fashion's Night Out - Georgetown

Friday, September 9, 2011

Here's the deal - I took a total of 3 pictures at FNO. The monsoon like conditions of the evening made me hesitant to bring out my camera. And really, is anyone interested in people walking around, faces hidden under umbrellas? No. Especially if I can't even create some kind of cool artisticy shot of the whole thing.

ANYway, let's get on with those 3 little ol' photos, shall we?

 Roomie doing her thing at Lou Lou Boutique

 Ta-da! See? Proof I braved the sh*t-tastic weather

And finally,  my very first Sprinkles cupcake experience. I must say not bad all around Sprinkles. The icing was tasty but not too thick and the cupcake itself was light and spongy, just how I like it. I'd definitely go back for a full size.

Sorry I don't have anything amazing and cool to show you, but at least I tried. Hope you're having a wonderful Friday!

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