Geek of the Week #7

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I've been slacking! It's been a bit sad for me in the land of Geekdom, mostly because there's hasn't been much to peek my interest. Jen over at Epbot does a significantly better job so if you're looking for more Geeky goodness than I regularly provide make sure to check out her site. This week my faves are....

1) Avengers vs. Star Wars. 'Nuff said. 

2) Makeup Your Jangsara. The internets fell in love with her Avengers inspired looks but I just love her in general. She does great theatrical/editorial looks with a mix of more wearable and I find her a great inspiration to stretch my makeup wings a bit more. And maybe buy lots of wigs - we'll see.

3) Dragon*Con is so close ya'll! I'll try not to bore you too much with it (though let's be real, it's gonna spill over to the blog) but I can't wait! My costume(s) are giving me some grief and might require more work this year but we'll see - I usually consider them worth it in the end.

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