Anthropologie, Y U SO EXPENSIVE?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sorry that the phone pics are so blurry :-/. I stopped by Anthropolgie's 'sale' this weekend and I wanted to share some of the pieces I tried on. Hope this helps and happy shopping!

Daughters of the Liberation blazer, $69, Size 12

I liked the pattern but this blazer was size waaay small. Usually I can make do with a 12 at Anthro but this did button, the shoulders were tight, and the sleeves were short.
Verdict: No.

Cartonnirt blazer, $54.95, Size 12

If this had been a touch bigger I maybe would have considered it since I'm still looking for a summer weight white blazer. Sadly I don't like one button stances in general, and this particular jacket has some pulling
Verdict: No.

Click below for skirts and dresses

Meadow and Rue skirt, $49.95, Size 12

Eh. This skirt wasn't lined and ended up being sort of see through. I like the pattern but it hung a little funny on me and was too expensive for the quality.
Verdict: No.

Maeve skirt, $69.95, Size 12

This skirt actually spoke to me a bit (I know the pic isn't flattering but stay with me). I liked the micro pleats right under the waist band and thought the pattern (with the colorful accents in felt) were cute. Sadly it is MAD expensive and I am not paying that. Check it out on girlsack though, it looks super cute on her! 
Verdict: No.

Girls from Savoy dress, $79.95, Size 10

Me and summer dresses. It's a sickness I tell you,  how much I love them. This is another quality dress with an adorable pattern, similar in effect to the dress I posted about before. I have to admit I love the way it fits with the a-line skirt and halter top neckline - I'd wear it for work and play.
Verdict: Buy - for now. I like to take pieces home for further consideration, as my size tends to run out so we'll see if this becomes a permanent wardrobe addition. 

HD in Paris dress, $89.95, Size 12

Even though the length of this dress was a bit awkward (not quite as long as I usually like my maxis) it's the neckline that really stumped me on this dress. It's mostly a halter in the front but it gathers to a straight line down the back. That's definitely not bra friendly and then the front dips so low that your bra shows there too - but if you're big enough to fit in this dress you should be wearing a bra.Very strange.
Verdict: No, thank you.

VanessaVirginia dress, $168, Size 12

Why so expensive Anthro? Damn! Also I felt a little top heavy in this dress, even if the pattern was cute. I threw it in the pile as a lark though so I'm not really complaining.
Verdict: No

And that's it! SewPetiteGal saw tons of deals in J.Crew and now I'm kind of regretting my decision to return my items without taking a look around. Will I end up back in Gtown this week? Who knows!
Kiko said...

aww I like the white blazer! dress is indeed cute, though =)

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