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Friday, June 8, 2012

So yeah. I'm a bit of a geek (BIG SURPRISE) and to cement my place in the world of geekdom I bought tickets to the Star Trek TNG 25th Anniversary Event happening on July 23rd. I'm super excited about it but I have a dilemma


I could go with something like this from Ebay, I did have intentions to cosplay as Uhura at some point, but the stickler in me can't get over the fact that Uhura is from the original Star Trek and not TNG.

But then I went to Etsy. O_O. I know that most of their truly amazing items are out of budget but I fell in love with the shirts! They're full of awesome. Just a couple examples:


Help me decide readers! Full costume or just a shirt? Which would you choose?

Unknown said...

I'm loving the Spock shirt (and Leonard Nimoy). Who doesn't want to be vulcan for a day?
The dress is really cute though. I could probably get away with wearing it to work once or twice.

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