Geek of the Week #8

Monday, June 11, 2012

1) Things I thought while watching Snow White & the Huntsman
    - Why is their Christian theology in this movie? What? What? WHY? How does it make any sense especially when you're turning Kristen Stewart into Jesus?!
    - Why does Kristen Stewart only make that one face?
    - Charlize has got the best makeup in this movie (and the best wardrobe)
    - I'm not sure if I'd actually take the time to watch Thor but I'd have to say Hemsworth doesn't suck so much here
     - Battle scenes: A-/B+, everything else: C-
     - "Iron will melt but it writhes inside!". What. The. Fuck. Kristen Stewart did you really think that made any sense? Perhaps switching your inflection or at least pretending to know what the hell you were saying might have helped?
    - Did these writers just refuse to watch Lord of the Rings? Aragorn had the best 'let's go fight and probably die' speech ever and this ridiculousness didn't even come close :-/
    -Maybe Charlize took all the good lines from the 'possible lines' grab bag? I'd believe it since she is the most consistently badass throughout this whole movie.
    -Why is Snow White holding a branch? And wearing the worst dress known to man? Can a Queen do nothing about her sleeves?


1b) I like this Snow White review by The Mary Sue if you're interested in learning more about the movie (THANK YOU to the reviewer regarding that Princess Mononoke bit - it took almost every fiber of my being not to stand up and yell at the screen).

2) Battle of the K-Pop Bands! In singles released this past week or so (Wonder Girls and 2NE1) I'd have to say WG takes it. "Like This" is just so eminently groove-able and a lot of fun to watch.

3) Nerd Quirks. Why did no one tell me of this nirvana before?! I've been robbed of hours of time that  could have been wasted!

I thought everyone did this?

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