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Saturday, October 27, 2012

I am terribly packer. I can't seem to go anywhere without bringing everything I own. Or, alternatively, packing light and realizing half way through that I've managed to forget everything important. This time I'm determined to make sure things end differently.

Another Trip, Same Tiny Suitcase
On a friend's recommendation I've scrolled through both of What a Nerd Would Wear's packing posts. She does this whole '8 pieces 8 outfits' thing which is really great in theory and even more applicable if you're traveling when it's cold. I like the theory but let's be real here, Hong Kong is not gonna be cold. If I'm lucky things will be in the low 70's and if I'm not we're talking 80's - easily.

I'm not really complaining, more just pontificating on the subject of how I want to bring very little, still look cute, and leave plenty of room in my suitcase to bring stuff back.

This is my project for the weekend guys - wish me luck!

Unknown said...

Um...not to sound too vain, but i am an awesome packer. If you need any tips or help picking, let me know ;) ....and that came out vain anyways, oh well! Haha.

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