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Monday, October 1, 2012

I mentioned in one of my previous Dragon*Con posts that I just don't know how the professionals do it. I know they're inspired by the love for the character they're portraying and by the knowledge of how much other people will enjoy the finish product, but making a costume is hard people. Hard, time consuming, and the part I'm going to talk about here, expensive.

Him? Who knows how much he spent to look that cool.

Rainbow Bright last year was pretty cheap if I remember correctly. The pants were pre-done and ordered from India (thank you Ebay) & the shirt an Old Navy oldie (also thanks to Ebay). Besides some ribbon, glue, and $1 foam headbands, it didn't sent me back much. But as my friends and I discuss what we're going to do next year I realized....I had not faced the facts and mentally accepted just how much I'd spent this year. And I don't think I can make a budget for next year without knowing that number.

In the spirit of helping other people on their own costuming adventures I figured I'd share the tally here. I can't speak for my fellow Rangers, but my Dragon*Con costume expenses went like so...

Costume (dress) - $44.94
Petticoat - $7.99
Corset - $12.28
Fabric/Acrylic Paint & Brushes - $20.00
Rhinestones - $4.75
Headband - $2.99
Helmet - $10.64
Boots - $20.99
White Laces - $4.59
Fan - $3.20
Gloves - $7.40
Decorative Extras - $2.50

Total Cost: $142.27


Maybe I should have allowed myself the peace of glorious ignorance [face palm].

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