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Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'm slowly but surely 1) filling holes I see in my closet and, 2) picking up some items on my wish list. Not everything's definite - trying on is a must - but since most of them were pretty cheap I thought I'd share :).

1. Fall/Winter Flats (that have some good support):

Me Too 'Kafe' Flat, DSW, $59.95 (w/ $20 off coupon - $39.95)

2. Peplum


 ASOS Peplum Frill Jacket, ASOS, $36.94 (15% off w/ MIDSEASON15)


 ASOS Peplum Top in Herringbone Denim, ASOS, $35.18 (15% off w/ MIDSEASON15)

3. Kelly Green

ASOS Simple Full Skirt with Paperbag Waist, ASOS, $30.78 (15% off w/ MIDSEASON15)

4. Structured Crossbody Bag
I picked this up at Eastern Market (so no link - sorry!),  but it'll make its full debut once it's spiffy-ed up.

5. Sparkly Dress/Chevron

Zigzag Sequin Dress, J.Crew, $139.99 (extra 25% off + another 15% w/ my student id)

That's it! I'll update you via review posts once things start coming in, but I've got my fingers crossed that at least a few of these work out.

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