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Saturday, January 12, 2013

After getting in the last dress from Nordstrom (and comparing it to another from the same brand on Amazon) I have to say I really like Adrianna Papell. Her dresses seem to be pretty true to size while providing a variety of colors, lace shape, and styles to fit almost any occasion.  I would be happy to wear either of these in my friend's wedding but I think my heart is leaning slightly toward Option 2.

Option 1: Adrianna Papell Illusion Bodice Lace Sheath Dress

Nordstrom, $158, Size 14 (Champagne)

This is the heavier of the two lace options. Fully lined, the illusion bodice is hardy enough to hide bra straps (I wouldn't trust my support to the dress itself). On my 5'6" frame it falls to just below the knee and has a lovely open back.

My concerns? This is a very formal dress in person and I'm not sure it would fit the feel of this wedding. Plus while I love the look of this lace better the dress in and of itself is heavier and thicker, which makes me think wearing it in June (in DC) might be a pain.

Option 2: Adrianna Papell Women's Sleeveless Lace Dress

Amazon, $82.22, Size 14 (Taupe)

This dress is more a boatneck (compared to the tank like style of the first) and a beautiful taupe color. Again fully lined it's lighter overall in comparison to the first and falls to just above my knee (I'm wearing really high heels here so it looks a little shorter than in real life). I could take or leave the scalloped edges but according to quite few of my friends the detail is beautiful.

Here I tried the dress on with a belt because it's something the Matron of Honor and I are discussing and I wanted to get an idea of how it could look. Due to the sheath style both dresses would look great with belts and neither would be overwhelmed if we went with something sparkly. I forgot to take a picture of the back but it's a lovely v-neck, that doesn't drop very low - no risk of bra peekage.

Final Thoughts: As I said ealier, I kind of like the second one more. Both are beautiful - don't get me wrong - but the formality of the first combined with an almost (now that I think about it) bridal like lace makes me think it might be nice for life but not for this event. But hey - my opinion isn't the final say - we'll have to see what the bride thinks!

Unknown said...

I like the second one as well!
the belt fits perfectly and brings out your shape.
I feel like dresses of this cut can make it easy for us to lose our shapes.
those shoes are cute too!

Dana said...

Thanks! I picked them up at TJ Maxx in NC for super cheap - I haven't worn them 'out' yet but I still have no regrets, lol!

As far as shape goes, the sheath look is definitely new for me but I'm kinda liking it. I admit I'm more comfortable in the 'fit and flare' look but I think it's good to switch things up once in a while :)

Loren said...

I have been eying option 1 for my own bridesmaids and had a question for you. Online the color looks more like a light gold/champagne color but in your photo it looks more ivory/white. What color did it look like in person?

Dana said...

@Loren - I would say it looks like a really light champagne in person. For the wedding I'm in the bride ended up vetoing this version because combined with the lace it came off a little too bridal. But I do think my skin tone makes it look very ivory - depending on what your ladies look like and what color scheme you're going for it could work for you.

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