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Thursday, January 3, 2013

(duh duh duuuuuuh - scary music)

I have the honor this June of being maid of honor for one my oldest and dearest friends. But, as much as I love her, she has handed me a bit of a quandary. Instead of going all bridezilla on me and saying 'BUY THIS DRESS NOW' she's taken the nice route and said 'here's a color palette and some inspiration pics - go!'

I think most people would find this sort of challenge fun. I mean the wedding's in June right? Plenty of time to find a dress right?


I am not a quick shopper! I find, I try, I contemplate - all of this takes time folks! Plus I have no idea what kind of color in this palette is gonna work with me, as I tend to be a saturated jewel tone kinda girl. Thus instead of working (because really, who works around the holidays?) I've been Googling all sorts of places to see what kind of inspiration I can find now for a wedding later. I've done the Modcloth and Anthropologie searches, and may get back to them a little bit later, but for my first buy & try? Nordstrom. Free shipping combined with a lot of what could be the right color dresses along with affordable prices (for a bridesmaid dress anyway) and you've got me making a big honking order (I don't want to do multiple small ones ok? I'd rather go big and just try all the damn things on at once.). And lucky for you I'm going to take you on this journey with me!

This round of dresses:

First Set:

 Eliza J Dress in Ruffled Sheath, Belted Satin, and Strapless

 Second Set:

 I won't be devastated if none of these work, I do have time to keep searching, but isn't it nice to imagine that one of these might be perfect?

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