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Monday, January 28, 2013

I am not Beyonce's biggest fan. Outside of watching Julianna's almost ridiculous Beyonce love, I don't even listen to the woman - BUT - she did look nice singing at the Inauguration.  After catching her performance a few times throughout the day I felt compelled to try her makeup myself and I don't think it went too badly!

I watched the video a couple times and read the breakdown from Mali - the woman who actually did her makeup the day of. I'm a little unconvinced that she used a dark dark blue along the lash line, but you know what? Doesn't matter. Black worked just fine for me and still created a look that I don't think is too ridiculous for day.

(excuse the lashes - they were ruining my LIFE and finally I gave up)

Products Used:
~~Estee Lauder Double Wear cream in 07 Golden Apricot
~~Stila 'Bare' eyeshadow
~~Stila 'Champagne' eyeshadow
~~Jane 'Rockstar' eyeshadow
~~MAC 'Embark' eyeshadow
~~Sephora Kohl liner in 01 keep black
~~Physicians Formula  Eye BOOSTER liner
~~L'Oreal telescopic mascara
~~Hong Kong lashes
~~elf eyebrow kit in dark

Hope you guys liked my take on Beyone's inauguration look - I can't wait to wear a slightly less liner-y version to work!

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