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Friday, February 8, 2013

So after falling in love with the lace of the Nordstrom dress I decided some further Googling was in order. The color was a little too bridal on me and the price - while not expensive for a bridesmaid dress - could be lower without me complaining, lol.

Thanks to Google's shopping search I happened upon Dillard's, where pretty much every Adrianna Papell dress was significantly cheaper. And in different colors!

Nice right?! The one shoulder was a surprise, because normally I don't like how they look on me. I wouldn't say it's appropriate for the wedding, too dark, but the 'buff' color of the second dress is spot on! (I'll be stalking the grey for later though - $60 or less and it's coming home!)

I went ahead and took some pictures this weekend but I think the color suffered in the shadow - it looks much cooler than the warm brown-y mauve that you see above. Either way I'm happy, so happy, to be done looking and the bride's approval. And what I learned? Never underestimate the internet! Sometimes you'll find the perfect thing without too much work at all :D.

 (Belt & Shoes are *examples* not what I'll actually be wearing)

J.CrewJD said...

Both dresses are gorgeous on you... but you NEED that one shoulder one! It looks fabulous. They both do!

Dana said...

I'm torn I admit - AND the grey shoulder is $62 instead of $106! Why can't I find a free shipping code?! *shakes fist*

Mari B llosa said...

GET IT!!!!! then send it to me LOL <3

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