I want ALL the things

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I feel like the moment I tell myself I can't buy anything is when everything good and wonderful in the world pops up for sale. Not on sale mind you, but for sale. And I'm a sucker every time. GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS!

Forever 21

Etsy Shop: sandee royalty

Etsy Shop: Dig For Victory

I MUST HAVE THAT SUNSET SORBET DRESS. Is eating really important? I mean REALLY? Because I'm pretty sure having that dress in time to wear it for all of Spring and Summer might be more important. Who wants to feed me this Spring so I can justify the price? Oh and I didn't forget - 

Eat a brownie for me ok?

Kiko said...

!! The red linen one! love it for a swing outfit! you keep finding these things to tempt me with..

Dana said...

Because there are so many things to be tempted by!!! I think I've still got my heart set on the sunset combination but seriously - a custom dress for just under $200? They do 'sizes' for about $30 less but I'm not sure it's worth it to me. We'll see...

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