It's cold ok?

Friday, February 1, 2013

This outfit is totally necessary. Though the vest might be finding a new home.

Vest: Marshall's ~ Shirt & Boots: J.Crew (find boots here) ~ Jeans: The Limited

Unknown said...

i like the boots.. when did you grab those?

Unknown said...

oh and sorry, it's Kristy!

Dana said...

Hey! I picked them up in the Gtown store a little after Christmas and used a gift card + student ID discount - they're still available:


Unknown said...

i see... I have been looking @ some Sorel's (,default,pd.html) but haven't yet decided...another option!

Dana said...

Those are nice! I'd never looked at Sorel before, just LL Bean. I think those are definitely comparable and I like the heel (& the price). I have some pretty warm feelings towards my furry lining though.

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