Awkward and Awesome Thursday! (6/20)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A return (maybe) of Awkward and Awesome Thursday! I make no guarantees about how often I'll post these but I feel compelled to remind myself of both the good and bad in my life right now.

For shame.
-That 'candid' picture from the wedding. I cannot even tell you what was going on but OMG that face. I'm embarrassed and hope to all that's holy that the official photographer didn't catch any of that.
-Job hunting. Even when you do it as a side activity I think it always results in feeling like a failure that no one wants. I'm sidelining it for the moment I think, in favor of giving what I truly want to do next some more time to materialize.
-Rain. DC has been the rainiest of all the cities lately, or at least it feels that way to me, and I am really ready for consistent sunshine. Though maybe not with 90+ degree temperatures?
-Paying off the credit card. I haven't been so great (as in not good at ALL) at sticking to my not purchase clothing vow but at least I've been paying off what I've been spending and racking up some bonus points.
-I'm going to be passive aggressively vague here, but people who choose to be incommunicado rather than address a point they don't like. If you have some reason why you don't think you owe me money then let me know ok? Don't just ignore the situation because I don't forget that sh*t.
-Sweat. Summer in DC is humid and HOT and I have a serious problem with hairline sweat. Anybody know of an antiperspirant I can use close to my face?

-Apple Cider Vinegar. Weird one to start off with I know, but I started taking it post-wedding (my skin broke out like woah) and I think it might actually be working. I'm only taking about a teaspoon a day but I kinda definitely feel like I'm breaking out way less. Now to work on those dark spots!
-Figuring out the summer wardrobe. It's a frustrating awesome, but putting together new outfits that work for me in the heat has been fun too.
-Dragon*Con! It always finds a way to creep onto these lists now doesn't it? I've been doing my usual stalking of who's going to be making an appearance and it's pretty incredible. RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON, Eliza Dushku, Nicholas Brendon, Avery Brooks, JIM BUTCHER, Ghost of the Robot (James Marsters band!), LKH, Jamie Hyneman AND Adam Savage...the list just keeps going!
-Lancome outlets. Working towards that end goal of a smooth complexion without dark marks, I picked up a couple of Kiehl's products at Potomac Mills (cheaper to begin with they were another 50% off!). They smell a little strong but I think they're working? We'll see.
-Friends who let me whine (a little). I'm having a slight life crisis moment and thank goodness for my friends who let me vent. Sometimes I just need to get it out so I can let it go and there are some great people in my life who let me do that. 

Post 'waffle wedding cake' Activity :)

Unknown said...

Love Kiehl's! Their Midnight Recovery Serum is amazing (great for scars imho).

The weather in DC today was pretty nice -- I took a stroll around the block for lunch and it was lovely.

Great wedding shot, that's the stuff memories are made of :D

Dana said...

I tried a sample of their Midnight Recovery serum and it wasn't so much my cup of tea. I've gone through a couple bottles of Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair and liked it, but I'm not sure what I'm going to try next when I'm done.

And today? Today my plan is to enjoy the weather with some pool time :).

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