firey summer

Monday, June 17, 2013

When Summer rolls around I find myself looking more for brighter, warmer colors in my makeup and thankfully with the help of a few different palettes I can make that happen. I'm afraid this might be a bit too bright for work for some of you but there are a couple tweaks you can do to tone it down: 1) don't use a coordinating color base under the orange eyeshadow 2) stick with just the Rule and/or Firespot eyeshadows - by themselves they're a much subtler orange. Hope you guys enjoy!

Products Used:
~~Maybelline Color Tattoo in #10 Fierce and Tangy
~~Ebay Eyeshadow palette, orange-y red eyeshadow
~~MAC Rule and Firespot eyeshadow
~~Jane Rockstar eyeshadow
~~Stila bare eyeshadow
~~Inglot gold eyeshadow
~~Stila champagne eyeshaodow
~~Stila smudge stick in damsel
~~The FaceShop freshian volumizing mascara

Unknown said...

Love the citrus summer colors! And on a slightly more creepy note, your brows are so pretty! So perfectly groomed and tidy...

Dana said...

Hahaha I have finally found the right person in DC to do them. I get them threaded semi-regularly (& since I have her cell phone number this hopefully won't change any time soon!).

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