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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So I've  been spending the past few weeks trying to find a powder for the wedding I'm in Saturday. I wanted something - hypothetically - like mattifying gold that would keep me shine free and fabulous all day.

I'm sure you're all less than surprised when I say I didn't really find that. I did finally settle on something that's pretty close though, so I thought it'd be helpful for my other oily skinned gals if I gave you a run down of what I've tried from Sephora lately.

Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder, $32
The 'translucence' of this powder is really over-hyped because every time I used it my tone changed by at least one shade. It's mattifying but clings really badly to any dry patches (hello healing acne!) or pores. Maybe it works for other women, but me not so much.

COVER FX Matte Setting Powder, $32
This was the first powder I bought - and I really wanted it to work - but
unfortunately the shade range is just too limited. The 'deep' is took dark and gave me muddy skin while the next shade up is too light. Regardless it's a mattifying powder that does what it says, but doesn't cling to all the bad stuff as much as the UD.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation, $36 - The Winner! 
I decided to go with the new MAKE UP FOR EVER powder foundation for a few reasons. First as a powder foundation it has a buildable coverage that's useful for other non-wedding situations. Second the finish is very smooth, not *too* matte, and with a fluffy brush doesn't cling to anything. Finally, in conjunction with both my Covergirl Stay Fabulous and the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation I'm matte for 70-90% of my day which is really I can hope for realistically. I'm going to have this with me on the day of for touch ups but I'm convinced (at least for now) that this is gonna be my best bet for a beautiful result on Saturday.

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