Dress Off: Modcloth & Anthropologie Reviews

Monday, July 29, 2013

Dress off. Like Face Off but without the bloodshed and unfortunate face switching? How about you just go with me, I promise it'll make sense in a minute.

Lately I've been running up against the reality that summer is not my season and finding new pieces to wear is a pain in the rear end. Tops have been almost impossible so I decided to switch to dresses in the hope they'd be more enjoyable to shop for with a bigger payoff in the end.

....I might be an idiot.

Size: XL, $89.99 (Find here)
I picked this up on a whim while browsing the Modcloth site, not realizing until later that I'd seen the dress on Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee - a wonderful coincidence! I love the retro fun print, and I would wear this to work in a heartbeat (office environment be damned). My only concern is that I can be super picky about fit and the slight puckering around the bust buttons might be a deal breaker. But maybe things will stretch a little bit with time? What do you guys think?

Size XL, $79.99 (Find here)
I had to take about a million different pics of this dress because the fit problem in the bust is enough of an issue that bra was just trying to peep out everywhere. No matter how wonderful the pattern the pancake boob look, or mono-boob ala Stacey and Clinton, is not going to work with me. Lesson? Pay attention when ModCloth says no stretch - they mean it, and since I've found that a lot of their items run small it can definitely be an issue.

Size 14, $89.99 (I think? The price is no longer available online)
This is one of those pieces that I stalked at Anthropologie. It immediately caught my eye when I saw it in store and initially I wouldn't even let myself try it on because the price was well above my budget for a dress (even one that's life/work appropriate). I bought it during the last 20% off sale-sale, lol, and now that I have it in my hands I just can't decide. I could be having a fat moment (I can't explain them, they just happen) or it's that I haven't quite figured out the perfect undergarment to compensate for the extra room in the shoulders (damn me and my narrow shoulders!). Help?

Unknown said...

whoa...I love the 3rd dress actually...it's so eye catching! I think your boobs look ok in the 2nd dress actually ^_^ I didn't notice anything wrong with those two dresses honestly...the puckering in the first one is really obvious tho :P Unless you can alter it, I think it'd be better to return it...

BeautyStyleGrowth said...

The third dress covers the problems the best. Looks like I have the same body issues as you do

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