trying to beat the heat

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So I complained about the rain last week, which I'm not apologizing for, because damp moist heat is disgusting. But I can't say 97* full-sun heat was exactly the solution I was looking for. Thanks for NOTHING D.C.

Still, In trying to figure out what the heck to wear this week, my friend Jessy came up with a quicky solution (and a skirt loan) - tuck the peplum top I purchased from H&M into my spanx and throw a skirt over it for a new floral combination. I don't normally do soft pastel colors but I have to admit this is one of my new favorite combinations!

Top: H&M (also seen here) ~ Skirt: Forever21 ~ Shoes: BP (via Nordstrom Rack) ~ Necklace: Borrowed ~ Watch: Michael Kors

Unknown said...

omg I love your skirt!!! Orange is one those colors I'm always on the lookout for but every orange piece I've tried on looked garish....but I truly adore the tangerine color you've got going on!

I am so glad not be in DC right now. It's so bloody hot in VA alone...

Dana said...

Believe me, you are not missing out on anything in DC right now. It's disgusting.

And this skirt is all my friend! She found it at a Forever21 in Miami and as soon as she said I could borrow it I was like 'heck yeah!' I can't wait to try it with other t-shirts and things for weekend outings.

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