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Friday, July 12, 2013

 (Clockwise) Lawn Crowd at Wolftrap ~ Munchies ~ A Quick Pic of the Stage ~ My Anthropologie Outfit 

1. She & Him, while not my normal concert fare, was a lot of fun. I wore a cute fit and flare dress from Anthropologie, enjoyed some munchies with the bestie, and had my umbrella on hand for the intermittent sprinkles.

2. Hey DC - can we stop with the rain now? I know that you think you're giving us a break from the heat but really the only thing you're accomplishing is an incredibly sucky commute, frizzy hair, and keeping me from wearing the new stuff in my closet (that isn't rain friendly).

3. Excuse the slight TMI, but hormonal acne sucks. It sucks a LOT and I really wish this week was over already so I could sit in my room with a face mask, low lights, and YouTube.

4. Catching up on last night's Sharknado tweets was fantastic! I wasn't able to watch it but as soon as I've got some quality time with the SyFy it's going to happen because anything that can make Wil Wheaton go -

'"what are we gonna do?" "we're gonna stand and fight. The #SharkNado. With these crowbars." (That really happened)' - @wilw

 is something I need to see.

I hope where ever you guys are it's got better weather than what's in DC today - Happy Friday!!

Unknown said...

All the rain is depressing me...and incidentally, all the hormonal acne I've been getting hasn't been helping hahah

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