Empties #1

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Oh look, another inconsistently consistent series! Though this one is going to be inconsistent by intention, since I don't actually go through products *that* quickly. But just as I'm always strangely interested in people's haul videos, or holy grail product posts, I thought it'd be fun to share the bits and bobs that have lasted on my shelves long enough for me to finish them off. And repurchase!

1) Stridex Acne Pads (Maximum Strength)
4) Murad Clarifying Mask

Every single one of these items, with the exception of the cleaning oil which I just repurchased for the first time, have been staples in my routine for years. I have oily, acne prone skin, that's also a bit dehydrated because of the makeup I wear regularly and the acne products I use. 

The Stridex pads and Murad Cleanser are the two primary sources of salicylic acid in my skin care routines. I use the Stridex pads at night after my toner and before my benzoyl peroxide product. The Murad cleanser is incredibly gentle and non-foaming, so I use it in the morning. I've heard some mixed reviews on the Stridex pads, I think the maximum strength version could be a bit of a deal breaker for really sensitiveness skin, but I would recommend the Murad cleanser for everyone.

The FANCL cleansing oil is freaking awesome. Non-foaming, no smell, it melts away makeup without stripping the skin. I double cleanse regardless, but I haven't noticed any issues with left over residue. It's not the cheapest cleansing oil I've ever used but I do think it's the best - I even love the texture, because it's slightly thicker and clings better to my face when I'm rubbing it in. This is also when I do a little bit of Lisa Eldrige's facial massage, and this oil is just slick enough to stay pliable when I'm working to stimulate blood flow.

Finally, the Murad Clarifying Mask is a summer staple to help treat acne and control oil. It's too drying to use over the winter months (I tried, it wasn't pretty) but in the summer it does just enough to keep everything in check. I always see a noticeable difference in my breakouts after I use this mask, and in conjunction with their rapid spot fix I can keep everything under control even when the DC humidity is work overtime. 

Are there any products you just have to have on 
your shelves at all times?

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