Friday Book Club #5

Friday, March 4, 2016

Apparently February was Urban Fantasy month? So many books, so little time!

Read & Loved:

The Brimstone Deception by Lisa Shearin

The agents of Supernatural Protection & Investigations (SPI) know that fighting evil is a full-time job, especially when a new designer drug—with mind-blowing side effects—hits the streets...

It’s called Brimstone. And after the first few hits, you’ll see every supernatural beast sharing the sidewalk, train, or office with you. After that, you’ll start seeing the really scary stuff.

I’m Makenna Fraser, seer for the SPI. And the collateral damage caused by Brimstone is something I’d like to unsee: dead drug dealers missing their hearts—and souls. Because your local pusher doesn’t stand a chance against the new cartel muscling its way into New York. And since the drug can only be produced with magic and molten brimstone fresh from Hell, that means a rift to the underworld is open somewhere in the city.

And when—not if—the cartel loses control of it, well...

It’s going to be Hell on earth.

My Thoughts: I really love this series (at least so far). Three books in and we've got camaraderie and banter between the two main characters, a great supporting cast, and the lovely dismantling of any sort of love triangle. Plus each book does a fantastic job of building on the mythology and history from the one before without being redundant, which means I'm just as excited for the next book as I have been for the first three.

Cast in Honor by Michelle Sagara

In the aftermath of a vicious battle between darkness and light, the city of Elantra has emerged victorious. But Shadows continue to haunt every corner of its streets…

Elantra stands strong, but countless numbers of Hawks, the city's staunchest protectors, were lost in the brutal attack. Humans, Barrani, Aerians, Leontines—none of the races emerged unscathed from the defense of the city. Homes were lost, families were scattered…and the outcast Barrani Lord Nightshade is missing from his castle in the fiefs.

Yet as the chaos surrounding the battle begins to wane, Private Kaylin Neya's duties must resume, despite her grief. Called in to investigate a triple murder in a quiet part of town, Kaylin and her companions are soon embroiled in a case that is anything but routine. Evidence of the deadly Shadows that still threaten the city leads to hints of ancient, forgotten magics…and everything can be traced directly to Ravellon, the heart of the Shadows and the darkness they contain.

But it is there that Lord Nightshade will be found—if he still survives.

My Thoughts: I admit it, I had to go back and read Cast in Flame before picking up this book. For the life of me I couldn't remember exactly what had happened, which seems a little strange for a series I enjoy so much. I contribute part of that to the density of each novel, and the wide cast of characters, because while I definitely enjoy every book in the series, sometimes the specifics get lost along the way. Cast in Honor continues as an emotionally complicated addition to the series, with most of the main cast experiencing new revelations and loss while they work together to save the city from an initially undetermined threat. Sagara does an incredible job of making you care about characters even if they haven't been in the series/book very long, and she's at her best when she makes you both happy and sad about the things that have to happen.

Immune by Shannon Mayer

"My name is Rylee, and I am a Tracker."

When children go missing, and the Humans have no leads, I'm the one they call. I am their last hope in bringing home the lost ones. I salvage what they cannot.

Underestimating demons is a bad idea, and it's a mistake that may cost not only my life, but the life of a missing child.

If I can swallow my pride, and allow Agent O'Shea to help me find a way to deal with the demon, we might be able to save the child.

With this salvage, it's a race against time, a test of trust, and a temptation that I'm doing my
damndest to ignore.

If only swallowing my pride and ignoring temptation was that easy.

My Thoughts: This is one of those series I'm trying to pace myself with, because so far I've finished one book and immediately bought the next - which is not budget friendly! I'm trying to keep my fingers crossed for a boxed set deal or something, but who has times for that?! Rylee is an interesting characters as an Immune, a person who's part of the supernatural community but also outside it. Not totally unique but I think the family that she's made for herself, and those who's she's taken under her wing since the series began, keep things fresh and fun to read. Immune had her forced to make some tough decisions about that family, and about the ramifications of her own actions, so I can't wait to find out what happens next.

I'm Look Forward To:

Is it a cop-out to say all the books I was looking forward to in my last Friday Book Club post? Probably, lol, but those are still my number ones. On my TBR pile I have Incriminating Evidence by Rachel Grant and Crucible Zero by Devon Monk, so I'll try to be more interesting next month!

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