Fitting Room Review: Anthropologie

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

So...I don't have a new outfit post this week. I was a generally lazy human being last weekend and I did things like sleep a lot, go to the movies, work out, bake - combined with the fact that my hair like crap, and no outfit pictures were even attempted.

Instead of leaving you hanging though, I thought it'd be interesting to see what I've tried on in Anthropologie lately. I rarely shop directly from the website, I feel like how it looks on the model is never how it translates on my curves. So, just in case you have the same problem, here are some really unflattering pictures of me in very bad lighting!

P.S. - I desperately tried to brighten and correct for the warm spotlight lighting in the dressing rooms, I feel to limited success. I'm sorry :-/.

 Dress: Vanda Pencil Dress, $168, Size 14
My Thoughts: I have a crazy person in my brain who tells me that anything that is this fitted around my hips is going to make me look like like I'm pregnant. I thought this was a beautiful dress and I highly recommend it for a variety of work and fun/social activities. Just not for me - at least not right now.

 Dress: Drawstring Midi Shirt Dress, $138, Size 12
My Thoughts: I actually bought this one weeks ago in an alternate colorway, just to have on hand for fun summer outings, but I fell in love with this olive color. So easy to dress up and down, and honestly I think the belt at the waist should be tied tighter so it's more flattering than the stock photo. Their interpretation of this dress is a little weird to me.

Dress: Crosswise Flare Dress, $158, Size 12
My Thoughts: I saw this on our "onesie" rails (the place where singular returns or pieces where we only have a few left live) and loved it. Unfortunately the return was a size 4 and there's no way I was squeezing that onto my body to tell if I liked the overall fit enough to order. Thankfully, someone very kindly returned a size 12 and I think it's great! The only fit issue I noticed was right around the shoulders - the bust fits higher on me because of my chest and so the straps are a little long right at the top. I'm going to have my seamstress friend and potentially a tailor take a look at the seams and price out the alteration. I'd like to keep it, because I think it's a super versatile Spring/Summer dress (with POCKETS!) but I don't want to buy a dress and then pay a lot for alterations so I just don't know.

tia said...

You are nuts. That first dress looks great on you!

Dana said...

@tia - do I get any extra points for acknowledging that I know I'm wrong about the dress, lol?

tia said...

you get one extra

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