May/June Clothing Recap

Saturday, July 7, 2018

I don't think I did too bad for May/June! Those last two pieces were an admitted fuck up (though I've already gotten so much wear and joy out of them I don't feel too bad). July/the rest of summer has the potential to be an absolute clusterf*ck though, mostly because I bought a leather jacket on July 1st that I still have to decide on whether to keep or not.

1. White Linen Dress (Reformation)
2. Linen Boyfriend Blazer (Reformation)
3. Cotton Joggers (Gap)
4. Mustard Ribbed Sweater (Theory Outlet, Also On Net-A-Porter (but annoyingly more expensive))
5. Denim Mini Dress (Free People)
*6. Linen Button Down (Urban Outfitters, different color ways are available online)
*7. Striped Pants (Urban Outfitters)

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