yes, it's another jumpsuit

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Hi, name is Dana and I have a jumpsuit problem. Not one that's big enough to make me throw out half my wardrobe in favor of them, but I'm sure at this point I probably own more than enough for one person.

I picked up the one below from The Frankie Shop, a store in SoHo that combines new and vintage pieces (that I only went to because of Lizzy Hadfield).  What's possibly most mindboggling about this piece is that it's considered "one size". Have I ever fit something labeled one size before in my life? If I did it was definitely before my memory was good enough to grasp the remarkability of that, so it doesn't count.

You can see from the link below that (obviously) it doesn't fit me like the model, but this is one of those rare moments where I like the way it fits me better. With my curves I don't do well in pieces that are super large and oversized, so the wide legs, belt, and fitted torso are more flattering. I've already worn this a couple of times and will continue to do so, because it's hot as hell in DC and this jumpsuit is 100% linen and unlined.

Jumpsuit: The Frankie Shop (OS) ~ Sandals: Seychelles (Size 8.5, past season) ~ Necklaces: World Market & Missoma ~ Bag: Neiman Marcus Last Call (old) ~ Earrings: Lou Lou Shop (old)

Pictures by @whitetowelsonly

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