Geek of the Week #44

Friday, October 12, 2018

// I had actually never heard of Innuendo Studios before this io9 article, but damn this 8 part series on Mad Max: Fury Road is epically awesome.

// I love that John Legend is so beloved that even the Jezebel Scrooges can't nasay his upcoming Christmas album, lol.

// I'm just leaving this here if you're like me and feeling constantly rage-y about the current state of the U.S.....

// I blame Epbot for this obsession, but storyofthedoor on Etsy is blowing my mind right now.

// Voldemort as a burlesque performer is both the coolest and most terrifying thing I've seen today.

Fun Posts & Random Finds: Loved this outfit planning hack from A Beautiful Mess. // Did you see that Atlantic Pacific is coming out with a collection with Nordstrom?! // LeBron James Continues His Quest to Be the Blackest Athlete in Pro Sports // "For The First Time In 55 Years, A Woman Has Won The Nobel Prize In Physics" // Read the First Two Chapters of In An Absent Dream, Seanan McGuire’s New Wayward Children Novella (this is an amazing series, even if so far I've been too chicken to read the prequels) 

Clothing & Jewelry: I keep hearing wonderful things about these "vintage inspired" Madewell jeans and I am sorely tempted... // Since this is the season where I start thinking about Nightmare Before Christmas for all things, may I share with you this amazing cardigan and hoodie dress, BOTH of which come in plus sizes?! // I'm trying to keep myself away from anymore sweater purchases, but this oversized turtleneck is amazing, and this crewneck from Grana looks intriguingly well fitting (& is $99! For cashmere!)...

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