is there value in investment pieces?

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Spring boarding off last week's post, I wanted to circle back to this Reformation blazer that I bought in May. I realized recently that it may seem like I didn't like it, or that it hadn't ended up being as useful as I'd reviewed it to be, because it hadn't showed up on the blog again after the original post. In reality what had happened is that I brought it with me to work one day and just never took it back home, lol. Day after day it became my go-to summer topper in a too cool office, no matter what the actual outfit was. And I'm sure there were some relative hit and misses from this experimentation, but it helped me visualize a ton more combinations than I would have initially reached for, so it was a happy accident.

I've found myself in a bit of a style shift, and as such I'm reluctant to invest too much in any one particularly piece. And at $228 I do consider this blazer/jacket an investment - thankfully one I'm not bored with, lol, but it's a risk any one of us takes when we decide to put extra funds into a purchase. I think each person should craft their own investment piece rules, and keep them flexible as their circumstances change. I love the opportunity to try out a new style or piece to see if it feels like "me", but I'm not going to do that at a high price point (not until I'm absolutely sure it IS me) and that's ok. The current fashion/closet/wardrobe conversation is focusing a lot on the dangers of fast fashion and the value of ethical clothing, but those options aren't attainable for everyone, the styles aren't desired by everyone, and the sizes don't actually exist for everyone, so deciding a new road forward was the best option for me. So that's ultimately what I'd recommend - critique your style and closet for the life you're living now and how you'd like to live it in the future, without getting bogged down in the parameters outlined by the "experts".

Blazer: Reformation (Size Large) ~ Shirt: Madewell  (Size XL, Old) ~ Jeans: Lucky Brand (Size 32/14, Old) ~ Shoes: & Other Stories (Old) ~ Purse: Coach (Thrifted) ~ Necklaces: Missoma (One & Two) ~ Sunglasses: LOFT ~ Watch: Ebay (Similar)

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