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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

With these boots I've officially decided I'm not going to keep trying black ankle booties. I like them on everyone else, which in theory would imply I'd like them on myself, but alas. On me all I see are boots that make my legs look short and wide, which is not really what I'm going for. And it doesn't matter what I've worn with them, the color or length of the jeans, or the top. It is what it is. But does that mean I don't enjoy these relatively recent Free People purchase? Hell no, because they're comfortable and have a slightly longer base to protect the pointed tip of the boot which, by the way, is GENIUS. What this new information does do is let me know that there will be no Acne Jensen or other boots in my future, because the style doesn't make me happy enough for a real investment.

In another tale of "Dana over analyzes past purchases", we have this Eileen Fisher top. I bought it during a phase of admiration for true minimalist bloggers, in an attempt to emulate the particular type of neutral/clean lines/etc characteristics that they look for in pieces. In the end I'm not sure I was spectacularly successful. This top is comfortable, but the for the price I can't help but feel delicate with it, and I'm just waiting for the day when the armpits take on that dreaded yellow tone. And I feel like the neckline isn't as flattering as it could be, since I really only wear this top when I'm able to wear my hair down, the help frame things better. All in all I'm mostly glad that I bought it so I could experiment with the look, but the more I follow ethical/minimalist bloggers, the more I become convinced that I'm too attached to more a culturally mandated sense of "flattering" for it to actually become part of my look long term.

Jacket: Anthropologie (Size Large, Old) ~ Top: Eileen Fisher (Size Medium, old, Similar, And a very cute option in Black!) ~ Jeans: DL1961 (Size 31, Similar) ~ Boots: Free People (Sized up to a 9.5 b/c they fit a tad narrow) ~ Necklace: Missoma ~ Sunglasses: LOFT ~ Watch: Ebay (Similar)

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