September/October Clothing Recap

Friday, November 9, 2018

I used Clone Stamp for the first time ever to get rid of a photographer in this picture and that tool is hilarious. 
Terrifying, but hilarious.

So September and October went a bit off the rails there, but you know what? Mine is a closet in crisis. Or at least it feels that way anyway. I just don't feel satisfied by what I have. I can't explain it. I buy individual pieces that I *think* fit with what I already own and what I *think* I want to look like, and instead of satisfied I just feel incomplete. Which I then feel kind of bad about, because I don't think like one should feel incomplete by their wardrobe? So October ended up a bit of a wash, as I tried to both logically and emotionally fill the gaps in my wardrobe.

How does anyone figure out what they want to look like? Like for realsies, do you find someone physically shaped like you who's style you admire? Or do you pull inspiration from magazines and other places? I'm having this weird brain moment where the women whose style I admire aren't shaped like me, and as such the clothing that I like so much on them won't look the same on me. Which I acknowledge is a pretty "duh" conclusion, but it doesn't change the fact that I can't really take as much inspiration as I would like from the women who's style I admire.

Right now that means I've even more aggressively purging. I may not sell/donate all that I'm taking out, some of it's become more of a seasonal banishment if you will, but I just don't want to see it. I want those particular pieces of clothing to go somewhere else, while I try to figure out how I can wear what I already have.

1. Cropped Sweater (& Other Stories)
2. V-Neck Cardigan (Chriselle Lim Collection/Nordstrom)
3. Striped Shirt (Ralph Lauren Outlet)
4. Linen Shirt (Urban Outfitters)
5. Fuzzy Jacket (Zara)
6. Replacement Madwell Jeans x 2 (I have no explanation here other than the fact I love my Madewell 10" high rises and my thighs have started to destroy the fabric. So I freaked out and bought a couple new pairs, one on sale at Madewell and one from Poshmark.)
7. Faux Leather Jacket (Nordstrom)
8. Green Crew Neck Sweater (H&M)
*9. Plaid Blazer (Ralph Lauren via Poshmark)
*10. Burgundy Zip Up (Eddie Bauer)
*11. Nightmare Before Christmas Cardigan (Hot Topic)
*12. Camisole (Atlantic Pacific x Halogen)
*13. Floral Button Down (Atlantic Pacific x Halogen)
* 14. Striped Sweater (Atlantic Pacific x Halogen)

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